Time is our most precious resource and it should be allocated well. I believe the best performing organizations are highly efficient with their time. However, this does not always translate to less meetings -- sometimes meetings can be highly productive and rewarding events. For example, a brainstorm session about the next breakthrough product feature or a how to improve the customer on-boarding experience are both invaluable types of meetings where some of the best work happens. So what is time well spent? Well, like the answer to most work questions - IT DEPENDS! You should start to ask yourself just one question - what's the subject of this meeting? Why ask yourself the subject?  Many times, meetings can get scheduled that aren't the best use of time

relax at work
August 15 is National Relaxation Day. We want to help you recognize this national holiday a day early, and at the office. Staying relaxed in the office can do wonders for your productivity, health, relationships and overall work/life balance. Here are five easy ways to start relaxing at the office with your colleagues! 1) Share Pleasantries with Coworkers We are all guilty of a little water cooler office gossip. Today, try sharing some good news with your coworkers. Something positive that has happened in your life and a sincere compliment can boost everyone’s mood. The happier you and your colleagues are the

We are pleased to introduce the availability of Single Sign On (SSO) authentication in the RingCentral 7.3 release. RingCentral Single Sign On integrates easily with any Identity Provider who supports the latest industrial SAML 2.0 (Security Assertion Markup Language 2.0) such as PingFederate, Okta, or your homegrown Identity Provider. Several benefits with Single Sign On authentication enabled: Ability to enforce uniform enterprise authentication and/or authorization policies across the enterprise Remove the needs for users to manage multiple passwords with a single set of credentials to access multiple apps and tools Improve user experience through automatic login Usually results in significant password help desk cost savings With Single Sign On turned on,

future of glip
We’re psyched to be a part of RingCentral. We are doubling-down on Glip. Since we announced Glip’s acquisition by RingCentral in June, I know some of our most loyal and enthusiastic users have been holding their breath. I get it: we have all watched a favorite product get acquired by a larger company that promises great things for it – and then watched our favorite sink beneath the waves. The founding team leaves, the acquiring company doesn’t know what to do with this thing it has bought, and the product either gets killed outright or wanders into irrelevance. We are not going to let that happen with Glip. With


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