The dog days of summer can be a killer for office productivity. Kids are out of school, people are taking vacations and the weather is beautiful daily. So, how do you keep your team motivated, focused and productive? It’s a challenge but with a little effort it can be done. Here are five suggestions for how to keep your workforce productive over the summer months: 1) Hold Fun Competitions With Great Prizes One easy way to motivate is to create fun and healthy competitions.  These competitions can be work related (who lands the most new clients in a week), fun (an office treasure hunt), or just a random drawing.

lead generation
A small difference in lead conversion rate has a huge impact on revenue. A Harvard study found: “Companies who respond to leads within an hour are 700% more likely to have a conversation with a decision-maker” and... “Only 37% of companies respond within an hour” So over 60% of companies are missing the most powerful way to increase conversion. This seems obvious, so why are most companies unable to respond in under an hour? There are two primary reasons: What gets measured gets done Most companies have silo’ed phone and CRM systems that don’t communicate. As a result there is no way to measure lead response accurately. Salespeople are usually in the middle of something

With electric cars now traversing our roads, can battery-powered motorcycles be far behind? RingCentral discovered the answer to this question in the hills of northern California, where the world’s largest producer of electric motorcycles has its headquarters. Zero Motorcycles has been called the Tesla of motorcycles. First-time riders of their vehicles liken the experience to a magic carpet ride. While riding one of these high-tech machines may be eerily smooth, it’s not tame. Top speed of the Zero SR exceeds 100 mph. Equal parts office and factory, Zero’s Santa Cruz headquarters lead a visitor to learn the first major point about this company: they are passionate about creating

kira panel
This past Wednesday evening, I had the pleasure of moderating a panel of and for Kellogg and Haas business school alumnae Women in Technology hosted by LinkedIn. Especially because I know what it’s like to be in their shoes, I truly enjoy sharing my insights as a longtime technology leader with fellow women in technology. Often I refer to myself as “the veteran ‘only woman in the room,’” and, while that gets a lot of laughs, it remains far from funny that women continue to be so very underrepresented in technology leadership positions. When I have the opportunity to share my experiences with other women – especially when a panel and the room are full of women! —


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