As I described in my previous blog post, RingCentral was a sponsor at the 2015 Launch Hackathon. It was an inspiring weekend for all of us who spent 3 days with a group of smart, passionate, and very tired developers build very cool stuff on top of the RingCentral Connect Platform. We thought it would be fun to put a short video together to convey the energy and creativity of that weekend. Check out the video below, and once again congratulations to all

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Restaurants today face a dire challenge – getting and keeping customers. With numerous restaurants up and down every street, every restaurant has to find their niche or ways to entice customers to come back. One wrong move or negative experience and the potential loyal customers will become loyal to the restaurant down the street. So what can restaurants do to make their experience more memorable than their competitors? There are a variety of ways, but the one common denominator is the use of mobile technology. 1) Keep Customers Informed Today, with

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What Can I do on the Community? And, how do I use it? The RingCentral Community is available 24x7 and allows you to ask questions, get help, help others, access training, share new ideas with our product team, and more.  Our Community members consist of customers just like you, technical support agents, product managers, and some of our expert resellers.  The Community contains over 1500 discussion topics, and is growing every day.  There is almost no question that has not already been asked, which means you can often get help faster without having to call in or open a help ticket. How do I get help,

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DMEautomotive (DMEa) is an innovation-driven automotive marketing firm with offices in Daytona Beach and Jacksonville, Florida. Its workforce of 400 associates includes a significant number of remote workers dispersed throughout northeastern Florida. RingCentral sat down with DMEa IT Director David Lachicotte and discussed his company’s cloud-based phone solution. Some excerpts follow. RingCentral: What drove DMEa’s decision to implement RingCentral? David Lachicotte: In our old PBX system, the reliability was at a single point. If it went down, everything went down. We need to know that when one of our customers calls us we’re going to be


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