servicenow integration
When a number of RingCentral customers, who were also ServiceNow users, approached us asking if we could embed RingCentral Office into the ServiceNow application and interface, it was a clear validation of our view that core business applications become significantly more effective when a company’s unified communications solution – namely RingCentral Office – is infused within business critical applications. ServiceNow is currently used by more than 2,000 organizations, some of which are also RingCentral customers. Within those organizations, many employees essentially “live” within ServiceNow to do their jobs. Employee productivity and the delivery of exceptional customer experiences being critical success factors for these organizations, it

it management multiple locations
Having done more than my fair share of business travel to branch offices around the world, I’ve grown fond of the variances in customs and conventions of different places. It’s refreshing to drink tea instead of coffee in London, and it’s interesting to receive a business card in the customary two-handed fashion in Tokyo. These differences are part of the charm and personal enrichment of travel. However, one difference that’s neither charming nor enriching is the inconsistency in the phone systems in offices from country to country—and even from city to city. These variations not only represent a management nightmare for IT and accounting departments, they

ringcentral professional services
We’re happy to announce the launch of a new program that extends our Professional Services offering for enterprises. Our Certified Delivery Partner Program is designed to service global enterprise customers with world-class care – including technical design, implementation, network configuration, integrations, monitoring services, and training. Developed to scale, the program is customizable according to the level of professional services capabilities and geographic reach a customer may need. The fact of the matter is that enterprises are increasingly migrating to the cloud, which enables them to scale their business more rapidly. At RingCentral, we’re dedicated to our customers, offering not only the scalable, enterprise-grade business communications

hangup on costly communications
Managing your communications system comes with all sorts of frustrations and headaches that only you can understand. Making sure that your team has the right setup, juggling various work and personal devices, getting hands-on with the technical aspects of the phone system and trying to keep up with ever-advancing technology all can leave you wanting to pull down the blinds, shut the office door, take an aspirin, and turn on your favourite sounds-of-the-rainforest CD. But before you get to the panpipes solo, stop for a second and let’s review what exactly is causing all this stress and see how it might be avoided altogether. First, there’s


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