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In the not so distant past, many lawyers who practiced as “sole practitioners” or in smaller law firms were forced to practice what many refer to as “Door Law". These lawyers would take on whatever work came through the door, regardless of the area of law. Of course, the risk for those who practice in this manner is that due to their varied workload, many do not specialize or develop the relevant expertise to be as competent as needed in all of the areas of law that they practice. This may not only be bad for business; it may be a recipe for negligence. As the principal lawyer of

The unified communications‐as‐a‐service (UCaaS) market is steadily expanding, despite the fact that enterprise adoption of UCaaS technology is still in its infancy. The market is growing at a CAGR of 16 percent, with revenue topping $4 billion. Many industry experts believe that enterprise spending on UCaaS solutions will pick up significantly over the next few years as the demand for reliable and efficient hosted cloud solutions increases. As a result of this growth, the UCaaS space is filling up quickly. Ten years ago, less than five UCaaS providers comprised the market. Today, there are hundreds vying for position, ranging from small soware‐based startups to major brands. UCaaS is

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Consider for a moment the telegraph, the telephone, the fax machine and email. These successive communication breakthroughs of the past 175 years brought huge leaps in productivity to the people who adopted them. They ushered in new ways of communicating and exchanging information, and they bestowed an advantage not just on their users, but also on the industries where they were put to use and on the companies who were part of making them and bringing them to market. As a cloud-based unified communications company endeavoring to meet the needs of a rapidly changing, globally distributed workforce, we're constantly thinking about how

With the 4th of July holiday upon us we here at RingCentral are excited to spend this 3-day weekend filled with barbecuing, watching fireworks, and spending quality time with friends and family. We are taking advantage of this time to lay back and enjoy a few days soaking up the sun and the red, white and blue. Five of our employees from different departments share their plans for this celebratory day in America and also reflected on some of their favorite holiday memories from past 4th of July weekends. What are you doing on the Fourth of July? Picnic Day: Brian Chiosi (Marketing Ops/Demand Generation), is planning on having a picnic with food and a few drinks


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