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With most business meetings occurring over the phone and web, it can be refreshing to finally attend an in-person live group event or conference. It’s an opportunity to connect with like-minded people in person. Even with the great software that’s out today for online conferences, it’s important to keep people interested in attending live events. These events should be seen as worthwhile, so that people won’t be reluctant to show up. Once they leave the event, they should feel satisfied and have a lasting

relocation 3a
One of the most exciting and proud moments for a growing company is the day they realize their success is driving them out of their current office and into another. I’ve enjoyed these moments often throughout my career and, like many IT leaders, experience mixed emotions about the announcement. On one hand, we’re thrilled to tell the story of our success to friends and family but also know that the following days will drive immense pressure on the IT organization to meet the often unrealistic schedules. It’s funny sometimes how the pressure to not pay rent in two places drives urgency.  It’s also important to enable the

If you are interested in sending text messages to your internal employees you can take advantage of using company-pager API to send text messages to other users, and use the RingCentral iOS/Android mobile application or RingCentral for Desktop to receive them. Through the Advanced Messaging APIs your business application can send unlimited amount of messages. Get more details on how to create pager for your company here.


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