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Picture this. You’ve ordered the most amazing dessert. What do you do? Compose an email telling your friends about it, or take a picture and post it on Instagram? I’m betting the latter. Images are immediate, engaging and prompt people to share what they've seen. Visual storytelling uses visuals on social media platforms to craft a graphical story around key brand values and offerings. Below are some of the best tools around to harness its power and make it work for you. 1. Video Video gives that priceless feeling of achieving face-to-face contact with your customers. It can capture emotions, inspire, educate, and entertain. Vitally, it must be in tune

On August 28th, Gartner, a technology research company, evaluated 21 vendors offering Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) based on their ability to execute product offerings and completeness of overall company vision. This was part of Gartner's 2014 “Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications as a Service, Multiregional" publication. Gartner ranked the UCaaS providers by richness of services and scalability. All 21 vendors were placed on a graph based on the axes of execution and completeness of vision. We are honored to announce that Gartner has positioned RingCentral furthest along the completeness of vision axis. We have always been dedicated to our company vision

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With vast amounts of data about your customers available thanks to today’s technology, and the multiple ways of reaching out to them, there’s no excuse for not going that extra mile. Brands are able to anticipate buying habits, respond to comments in real time, track location-based information, and be available 24/7. So why are so many customer loyalty schemes lagging behind these technological advancements? Let’s take a look at how technology, cutting-edge customer feedback and just plain old attitude shape some of the most innovative approaches to customer loyalty around today. 1) Build loyalty into the fabric of your company. We can’t even begin to think about customer loyalty

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Is transitioning to the cloud a business altering decision? Absolutely, and it can save your IT team money and energy. In this video featuring Gartner, the future of cloud phone systems is discussed. Daniel O'Connell, Research Director at Gartner, discusses how companies can transition from an on-premise PBX system to the cloud. He also discusses the benefits of a BYOD policy in the workplace. Kira Makagon, EVP of Innovation at RingCentral, shares her perspective on cloud communications and why BYOD is the future


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