online payments
Consumers are accustomed to being instantly connected — to information, to entertainment, to one another via text message and social media, and to items they want to buy. With this expectation that nearly every need can be immediately solved with the help of technology, it’s not wonder that they’ve become so privy to online payments — and the businesses that accept them. Here’s a look at the top reasons people prefer online payments: 1) They eliminate geographical boundaries. When a person travels to a different country or continent, they have to adapt what’s in their wallet. This may include exchanging currency, and even using a different credit card than they would typically

summer productivity apps
Summer officially ends September 23, 2015. That means we are a little over halfway through the summer months.  Staying productive in the Summer months can be a challenge. Thankfully, there are lots of things we can do to keep ourselves motivated and on track. Get more done with these five awesome apps designed to increase productivity. 1) 30/30 App 30/30 is a fun iOS app that tracks how long it takes you to complete tasks on your to-do list. Set how long you expect each tasks to take, and then see if you are able to complete tasks in a timely manner. This approach to tackling your

new referral program
We’ve improved the RingCentral Customer Referral Program with a brand new system. Submit, track, earn, and repeat. It’s that easy. Start Referring. New Referral System You now have access to your own portal, so you can track the progress of your referrals in real time. The new program also makes it hassle-free to send and share referral details with your contacts. Rewards When your referrals sign up for RingCentral, you will receive an Amazon* gift card based on their account type. Start referring now >> *Your referral’s RingCentral account must

Productivity and time management is something that everyone could benefit from having more of. Sometimes it seems like there are never enough hours in the day to be able to accomplish all of one’s tasks and projects. Part of the problem besides having numerous responsibilities is not having the proper tools. Whether an employee is traveling, working from home, or at the office, it can be overwhelming to juggle multiple devices and outlets in an attempt to keep everything organized and accurate. The problem that arises however is many of these technologies are tied to a physical outlet and are not omnipresent, but rather tied to a physical device.


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