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Getting answers to your support questions – easier than ever! When you have how-to questions, you want answers and you want them fast. RingCentral is excited to introduce the redesigned RingCentral Customer Care Center US/CA website launching today at success.ringcentral.com. The new design makes it much easier for administrators and users to find answers to questions about the RingCentral suite of products through Frequently Asked Questions on the front page, Popular Articles on the Knowledgebase, and quick links to Community, Guides and Videos, Learning Center and Downloads. The new, intuitive design is based on feedback from the

RingCentral sponsored Integrate 2015 Conference and Hackathon in late September, and today we’re happy to officially announce the prize winners for both the hackathon, as well as the eagerly anticipated DJI Inspire drone booth giveaway. Hackathon Winning Teams Developers at the hackathon were able to earn an opportunity to win the RingCentral Sponsorship Prize by using RingCentral’s voice, SMS, or data APIs, and to build the most innovative integration or app. 1st Place Prize, $4000.00: TrustWordy. This is an communication auditing app that helps companies avoid hefty fines from SEC. Why? Expert Networks have incurred the wrath of SEC insider trading rules in recent years, resulting in as much as $600M in fines

Call Recording API
RingCentral is excited to announce availability of its call recording streaming APIs. Call recordings are an integral part of every voice communications service and are already available from RingCentral's mobile, desktop and web applications. This new capability extends the availability of call recordings for retrieval and streaming playback via the API to enable rich integrations to enhance the core capabilities provided by RingCentral. Popular use cases include analyzing recording voice communications to understand and enhance customer interactions, searching recordings to locate data and respond to inquiries, and general archival to enable access for future requirements. The call

3-Legged OAuth
Authorization to gain access to company data is a requirement of every integration and RingCentral is making this easier and more secure by extending its OAuth 2.0 support to include 3-legged OAuth. 3-legged OAuth enables developers to use RingCentral's servers for user login and password reset in an industry standard way. This also allows developers to transparently support enterprise customers that use third-party providers for single sign-on (SSO), such as PingFederate, Okta, and others. The benefits of using 3-legged OAuth authorization include providing a consistent RingCentral login to users and additional security that will be appreciated by enterprise customers, while reducing the amount of code that needs to be written to perform integration with RingCentral


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