Every day, clients are calling your office looking for wellness and emergency care for their pets. These calls establish important first impressions. How your front desk staff responds to these queries is largely dependent on the information and resources they have at hand. Searching through files and digital records is time-consuming, causes delays and leaves other clients waiting on hold. A new integration from Sikka Software for RingCentral, Inc. facilitates improved telephone interactions. With Call Optimizer, when a client calls a panel appears automatically on your computer with the details

In many ways, communication is what drives a business — communication with customers, vendors, partners, employees, and so on. The medium and the devices that carry that communication are no less important.   In the digital age, the options for communication are endless, from email to video conferencing, online chat, and social media. But at some point, it always circles back to the old-fashioned phone call. That’s why your voice-over-IP (VoIP) software is one of the most critical pieces of IT infrastructure. If it’s not functioning at its highest level, your core business processes will suffer.

Last night, RingCentral attended the awards gala of the TEAM Polycom 2016 event, the annual partner conference held by Polycom in Nashville, Tennessee.  It was a great night, and we’re honored that RingCentral was recognized as one of Polycom's top partners in its 2015 Circle of Excellence Awards.  Specifically, RingCentral was selected for the Polycom Circle of Excellence Award for Excellence in Hosted Voice, North America. We pride ourselves on delivering a best-in-class experience for our customers, and being consistently recognized for our vision and innovation as the #1 leader of cloud

People often assume the working life of a snowman is bliss; standing proudly in the field then taking off every so often for a wild party. The truth is they experience many issues that you may not even be aware of. And the worrying thing is more and more humans are now reporting the same concerns. Fortunately, RingCentral has prepared this guide so you can learn from these snowmen and avoid being left out in the cold this winter. 1) When face-to-face collaboration is lacking. Thanks to technological advances, video meetings on personal devices are now a very viable way of collaborating remotely. Coupled


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