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Flashlights, check. Batteries, check. Spare bottled water in the break room, check. Backup generator, check.  Off-site or redundant data center, check. When most companies think of their “disaster plan,” these are the typical elements that come to mind and the things you may need to weather a severe storm, power outage or other temporary interruption to business as usual. But, now that you’ve covered the obvious basics, what about the things that aren’t things at all? What about the intangible processes, policies and systems that are crucial for ensuring continuity and survival of the business, especially in the wake of a prolonged event? Unfortunately, far too many

The world is just starting to see why RingCentral was so excited to acquire Glip, back in June. Now we are beginning to make Glip team messaging and collaboration software part of a complete business communication and collaboration platform. As RingCentral’s Executive Vice President of Innovation, I was one of the leading advocates of the acquisition because I believe we need to go beyond voice. Phone service is the essential backbone of any business, but traditional wired phones are not very exciting. Why is a smartphone sexier than the phone on your desk? Mobility is just part of it. Since the iPhone arrived, the mobile phone has turned

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When it comes to phone service, businesses undoubtedly rely on it. Short of talking with someone face-to-face, a phone call is still an important way to get responses to questions or take care of business on the spot. Over the past decade, RingCentral has transitioned many businesses from complex, on-premise enterprise phone systems to the cloud. Not only that - because our solution is cloud-based, we’ve been able to integrate with other popular cloud business apps – such as Google Apps for Work. Now we’re excited to say we’ve been named as one of the first solutions in Google’s new “Recommended for Google

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A complete, modern platform for enterprise communication and collaboration ought to support multiple modes of interaction – including making the phone ring. This week, we’re introducing Glip team messaging and productivity as an addition to the existing RingCentral Office offering. We are excited to show the world how these two products are better together. Having established itself as a leader among cloud phone services for business, RingCentral is giving its customers new ways to get organized and be more productive with Glip. Now it’s easier than ever to have team conversations that include text chat, file sharing, and structured collaboration such as 


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