PPCloud 2014
We are pleased to announce that RingCentral has been named to the inaugural CRN Cloud Partner Program Guide, a list of the leading technology vendors with cloud-related partner programs designed to benefit members of the indirect IT channel and their cloud initiatives. This guide offers solution providers a valuable resource for locating and exploring the IT industry’s top cloud technologies, programs and offerings, and a way to connect with the organizations making these cloud technologies and partner programs available specifically through the IT channel. The CRN Cloud Partner Program Guide is put together by the

troubleshooting voip
Knowing how to spot and troubleshoot common VoIP problems can save you a lot of tech support headaches. So, before you reach for the phone to call technical support, try these out. The VoIP problem solutions here might just save a ton of your time and funds. 1) Choppy Voice The common cause of choppy voice in VoIP is insufficient bandwidth. This does not necessarily point to your internet service provider as the culprit; nor does it mean there's too much traffic in your network. It could be that you have another bandwidth-eating application running. You might also be using the wrong compression code. Remember that a two-way conversation eats

RingCentral for Desktop
We are pleased to announce that our 6.5 launch, for RingCentral Office, Professional and Fax users, is happening today! At RingCentral, our mission is to help elevate your business, and we have a few new features that will aid your business flow and help keep you organized. This release is a communication hub for your desktop because of all the new features we've added to the RingCentral softphone. Take a look at the new features below to see how you can integrate them into your IT and business models. RingCentral for Desktop

kira gba award
As RingCentral's Executive Vice President of Innovation, Kira Makagon, leads product strategy, product management, engineering and operations. Makagon has more than 20 years of product strategy, global technology management and senior leadership experience. As an entrepreneur, she has always sought success in disruptive and transcending technology. Makagon has helped drive RingCentral’s innovative technology that utilizes the cloud to provide a user-friendly, cost-efficient solution to the current business communication needs, including BYOD and mobile trends. We are pleased to announce that Makagon has won the prestigious Bronze status in the Golden Bridge Awards. The coveted annual


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