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It isn’t enough to simply open accounts on social media networks—you have keep up a regular posting schedule if you want to keep your fans clicking and sharing. But it can be hard to keep up with a content strategy, especially if you aren’t in a visual industry or producing tangible, customer-facing products. I’ve put together 10 tips that should help inspire your social media posts and help build your following with engaging and shareable ideas. 1) Use YouTube as a video marketing hub Videos can be used for so many purposes like: storytelling, advertising, presentations, how-to guides, customer testimonials, and much more. It is incredible

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Social selling is not a revolution in how sellers sell—nor how buyers buy. So what is social selling and how is it different than social media marketing? Effective social selling is less about technology—more about applying direct response marketing principles with new tools. Social selling is a practical, repeatable process—a way to increase sellers’ productivity and make their output more predictable using social media platforms. Don't be fooled: Buyers are not re-inventing the buying process. However, they are speeding-up the buying process. Sales are changing, but this is not a revolution. In reality, generating leads and sales using networks such as LinkedIn, Google+, a company blog, YouTube, etc. is

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We are pleased to announce that RingCentral has been named to the inaugural CRN Cloud Partner Program Guide, a list of the leading technology vendors with cloud-related partner programs designed to benefit members of the indirect IT channel and their cloud initiatives. This guide offers solution providers a valuable resource for locating and exploring the IT industry’s top cloud technologies, programs and offerings, and a way to connect with the organizations making these cloud technologies and partner programs available specifically through the IT channel. The CRN Cloud Partner Program Guide is put together by the


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