disaster recovery
When disaster hits businesses the speed of disaster relief can be hampered by a number of factors. Transport and public health issues can be compounded by a lack of, or damage to, critical infrastructure. Telephony is one such critical infrastructure, which explains why so much work is done to maintain communications in disaster hit locations. Possible Consequences Unless they have a robust continuity plan in place, businesses hit by natural or manmade disasters can be left unable to fully function for days or even weeks at a time. How are staff to get to work? Is there an alternative office

tecta america
We are pleased to announce that Tecta America has integrated RingCentral’s phone system into its business. Tecta America is a national company with over 2500 employees. As the premier roofing contractor in the United States their offerings include installation, repair, emergency damage response, sustainability options and more. With operations from coast to coast, it was essential that Tecta America had a way to seamlessly and efficiently connect both its customers and employees. By switching to RingCentral, Tecta America is enabling its 50+ nationwide locations with a flexible, reliable communications system for its customers and staff. “Our previous phone system based on an

future proof biz
In my career before RingCentral, growth was a wonderful thing to experience, but it was also terrible. We were a small education company focused on green architecture and education. Working on a shoestring budget, we were forced to operate with inventive systems and free services/software that we could find in order to stay organized and conduct normal business on a daily basis. Every time we found a new free program that could closely meet our needs I was ecstatic. It almost felt heroic. This behavior continued until a patchwork system of free services was providing all

starting a business
Despite what you might think after reading all these successful startup stories circulating around the web, running your own businesses isn't a piece of cake. It certainly helps a lot if you enter the scene already prepared and with a clear plan to guide you ahead in realizing your objectives. Here are five essential things you should know to avoid committing some of the worst foundational mistakes right when starting your very own business. 1) Get your practical knowledge fix. As a solo entrepreneur, you'll be responsible for each and every aspect of your operation. You'll handle areas like sales and marketing, but also in the tough, and


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