Preparing for this Global Office release had me thinking about my days working at Input, Inc. As a global company back then, I had counterparts in the Frankfurt and Paris offices. I clearly remember the frustration of trying to collaborate on projects with these overseas offices. In fact, even a basic phone call was an effort. I remember hesitating more than once before making a call to the Paris office because I knew long-distance charges were very expensive. Management warned us about keeping costs down and staying in budget, so I would actually second-guess myself, wondering if my questions about the project were important enough for

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The phrase “gale force winds set to sweep the nation” often stands out from the newsstands at this time of year. Never mind what it might do to your hairstyle, it’s the trees and debris on the road and railway that may well keep you from getting to your office. But whilst you wait for the clearance crew to arrive, who will be answering your calls? We now live in a world with more flexibility in not just how we work, but where we work. So whilst high winds may divert you away from the office, they shouldn’t keep you away from communicating with your customers. Whichever way the wind blows, you have the options to stay connected: When the weather changes with no

Like most businesses today, your company probably has a disaster recovery plan in place should a major disaster strike. But if you operate a contact center, it doesn’t take a hurricane or fire to cause a major impact to your business. Something as simple as someone unplugging a communications server or an employee opening a virus-infected email could take down your network—fast. So how can you make sure your contact center can successfully weather whatever type of disaster comes its way? Join Chris Leong, RingCentral Senior Product Marketing Manager, and Marco Casalaina, VP of Integrations and Contact Center, for an informative webinar, the Top Five Ways

Though cloud business communications solutions offer advantages over on-premise systems, concerns around security, reliability, control, and support are top of mind for companies considering the transition. The question comes down to whether the cloud will take your company to new heights or make it all come crashing down. On Wednesday, February 3, 2016, representatives of IDC, RingCentral, and Del Monte Foods answered this very question. In a one-hour webinar on enterprise cloud communications, commonly cited concerns around security took center stage. Amy Lind, a research manager at IDC, spoke about the latest research on what we can expect next from cloud communications. Next, RingCentral’s


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