heart marketing
The best marketing appeals to the emotions of the audience: it must be inspirational and heart-warming. This is Heart Marketing. Instead of a hard sell focused on product benefits, the best marketing makes you want to be a part of something bigger, be a part of the movement. Let’s look at four examples of Heart Marketing that makes you stop and think, feel better about the world you live in, that makes you want to share the experience with others. 1. TOMS Giving in the U.S.: Helping American Children In Need Many people are already aware of TOMS shoes One For One pledge to donate

managing remote workers
The work-from-home trend is strong and growing, and it’s posing unique challenges for managers who aren't used to overseeing remote workers. Managing a team of remote professionals requires everything it takes to lead a traditional workforce – along with a unique appreciation for long-distance (professional, not romantic) relationships. If you’re a manager and you’re responsible for a remote team, here are five tips for making the transition from a traditional office to a virtual network: 1) Treat your team professionally.  Respect is

cloud communications 1
The new business world moves at lightning-speed with a global reach. To stay competitive, companies must become more nimble, agile and able to respond to a new 24-hour workday. Cloud communications is perfect for this and can help companies adapt to this modern business world. Read below for 4 ways cloud communications helps modern day companies: 1) Centralized Administration No local technicians are required with centralized administration. Cloud communications systems eliminates maintenance headaches because administration can be done centrally through an online account on a secure website. Add, change,

business multitasking
As the new year roles around, change is in the air.  IT managers and business executives are looking ahead to the new year, and it’s clear cloud technology and the growing mobile workforce will play a major role in how work gets done and how employees communicate.  A recent uSamp survey, commissioned by RingCentral, proves that business communications are always on in 2015. The data illustrates the renovated approach companies will take in the new year to move business communication forward. Here’s what’s on the horizon: Voicemail May Be Dying (A Slow Death). 82% say they prefer


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