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Every organization should have an online presence of some kind, whether it is a local business listing, Facebook fan page, or Google Plus profile. Fortunately, the price of developing a site has reduced significantly within the past few years and organic search still plays an important role in driving traffic to a website. Whatever the purpose of your company's site, whether it's generating new leads or redefining the company’s image, a business website is often the first place a person

If you love spontaneous style and on-the-go images, then Instagram is the place for you. Home of the "selfie", its range of filters and editing tools gives Instagram its characteristic feel. It has been embraced by the young, the style-conscious, and by brands wanting to tap into this market. But it isn’t a place to simply re-post your glossy marketing shots: save those for Facebook. Instead, the brands that have really got to grips with Instagram are the ones who understand that it’s OK to be different. Let's taken a look

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The primary objective of all business ventures is to obtain sustained and exponential growth in the first years of existence. The best strategy to achieve this is to focus on the global market. An example of this is AirBnB, which in spite of being in existence for only 6 years, is already present in 190 countries with an estimated valuation of 10 billion dollars. In order for this strategy to be successful, you must offer personalized service in all of the geographic locations where you would like to operate. You must set your company apart with your customer service. Gone are the days where you

The job market is more competitive than ever nowadays. A standout resume could be the difference between getting that first interview and getting snubbed. The tips below can help make your resume look more impressive and you land a job. 1) Keep it in the right tense. Make sure that everything you did in a past job is written in the past tense. For example, “Wrote articles daily” or “Programmed mobile apps using Objective C." Similarly, if you have a job that is listed as a present job, you’ll want those skills to be in the present


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