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Do you know, by the time you’ll will finish reading this article, more than 3,800 new devices will get connected to the hub of data, we love to call the internet? From the high-tech cars to watches, meters, light bulbs, and now the data-center infrastructure of the established B2B players; day-by-day the concept of ‘IOT’ or Internet of Things is swiftly integrating into every silo of technology and even the vast segment of computing couldn’t pull itself away. Earlier, the adepts use to follow a centralized approach in the context of computing and networks, but the evolving landscape of workflow pushed the network control from the center

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The habits of millennials, the most connected and technologically-savvy generation, are changing the ways consumers interact with businesses, as well as each other. Speed, convenience, and seamlessness are all crucial components in the modern consumer’s experience and all are enabled by cloud computing.  Millennial (Gen Y) Habits Millennials are no stranger to a connected lifestyle. Having grown up in the era of hyper-connectivity, the instant access to resources, whenever, wherever they are, is the norm. While this trend of expedited experiences is popular across all age groups, millennials, in particular, are embracing the shift with open arms. 87% of this demographic use between

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Let’s be honest, running a business is hard, especially when starting one on a shoestring budget. It feels like waking up every morning struggling to solve complex puzzles, doesn’t it? The good news is that if you know the right ways to promote your business to your target audience then you can significantly boost your sales success without spending a lot of money. Here are four inexpensive ways to start promoting your business today. 1) Get Published Online If you don't have a blog already you need to get one, like yesterday! A blog not only helps your business get its name out, but it’s

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London, UK. – December 22, 2015 –RingCentral, Inc. (NYSE: RNG), a leading provider of cloud business phone systems, announced today that Santa’s Workshop, a housing factory where toys are manufactured and distributed by the elves and the residency for Santa, his wife (Mrs. Claus), companions and reindeer, have selected RingCentral to optimize communications across the facility as well as their worldwide distribution centres. Prior to switching to RingCentral, Santa and his elves relied solely on verbally relaying children’s wishlists from the mail-room to the production line. As more and more children were turning to email to write to Santa, this system


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