productive team meeting
Meetings play a key role for businesses. They allow teams to come together, collaborate, ask questions, learn, get motivated, the list could go on and on. However, without a clear strategy for your meetings they can quickly become disruptive, time-wasters. Here are five tips to help you run more productive meetings! 1) Always Have a Clear Agenda A clear objective for every meeting is important. But, sharing your objective(s) with participants is imperative if you hope to have a successful meeting. Provide a clear agenda in advance (at least 24 hours) of your meeting. This will allow participants to come prepared with ideas, questions, recommendations, concerns, and

binswanger glass home
Binswanger Glass is one of the nation’s largest installers of glass and glass-related products in the commercial, automotive, and residential industries. As a leading glass retailer, the company also sells framed mirrors, shower enclosures, and replacement glass to the general public. Binswanger has more than 800 employees across 66 locations in 14 states. Before switching to RingCentral, Binswanger had separate phone systems for each location and used multiple service providers. This arrangement presented billing challenges and made even simple tasks difficult. Employees couldn’t even set up a desk phone without scheduling an external technician to install the appropriate cabling and hardware. With an

entrepreneurial spirit
Tuesday November 17th is National Entrepreneur Day. People began celebrating this holiday in 2010. And every year since, on this day, we celebrate those men and women who have the initiative and passion to build something out of nothing. Today we honor those who have inspired entrepreneurship over the years. Here are 5 inspirational entrepreneurs who have encouraged greatness: 1) Guy Kawasaki, “Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.” Mr. Kawasaki is man who wears many hats. An author, evangelist, speaker, advisor, venture capitalist and educator, Kawasaki sets the bar high when it comes to entrepreneurship. We honor him today because of his passion for sharing

google integration
These days, there are so many amazing cloud apps to help businesses work better. But with new apps coming out all the time, how do you really know what's best-in-class? Which apps will really help your business? Which apps can you trust, and which apps are compatible with the tools you're already using? Then there's the big question: Who really has the time to research every app that comes along? Thank goodness for Google diligence. Google heard from its legions of Google for Work users that a main concern is finding additional business apps that are trustworthy and top quality. Google listened and decided to launch


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