HIMSS 2016
We're excited to announce that the RingCentral team will be attending HIMSS 2016 this February 29–March 4 in Las Vegas! Be sure to visit RingCentral at Booth #2070 to learn how our leading HIPAA-compliant cloud communications solution delivers efficiency and productivity gains in addition to supporting mobile and remote healthcare and driving higher patient satisfaction. BYOD has enabled physicians and care providers to communicate to their staff, outside healthcare specialists, and patients, using their mobile devices of choice. Consequently, healthcare IT organizations are seeking cost-effective, easy solutions that maintain security and compliance while supporting their mobile workforces. Healthcare call centers are implementing solutions that aid in

IFA 2016
As the International Franchise Association conference (IFA) kicks off mere days away, it’s essential to talk about how franchise businesses benefit from a cloud communications system like RingCentral. Franchisees face challenges of unifying multiple locations, maximizing efficiency while keeping costs down, and providing an excellent customer experience. The question is how much do you stand to lose from not using a cloud phone system that solves these problems and what can you gain from using RingCentral? Marc Thomas, OrangeTheory Fitness franchisee says, “It’s the most effective option. Implementation is easier, and it’s going to save money over time.” Using RingCentral’s cloud-based,

virtual office
As more and more businesses are going global or allowing employees to telecommute, the physical office is giving way to a virtual workspace. This space allows all of your employees to continue to interact in various ways while working together on different projects. Some virtual workplaces make use of messaging programs and white boards, while others use video conferences and file sharing. No matter what type of virtual workplace you have, you do want to make certain that your employees are still held accountable for their projects. If you’ve had some lax employees in the past, here are five different things

Tens of millions of people across the globe use Microsoft Office® productivity products to support their workforces. And there’s a rapid migration to Office 365™ to take advantage of the efficiencies gained by using cloud-based solutions. RingCentral offers a simple, pre-built click-to-install integration into Microsoft Outlook and Office 365. Microsoft users get the leading business-class communications solutions within the leading office productivity tools, so you get the best of both blended into one user interface. Cool, right? Next week RingCentral will be at Microsoft’s headquarters in Bellevue, Washington, to discuss current business demands that are driving rapid adoption of these best-in-class integrated cloud solutions. When: Thursday, February 25th from


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