We do everything we can to make getting started with Glip easy: most users are creating teams, inviting in colleagues, and assigning tasks and deadlines within minutes of setting up an account. Still, not every feature is equally obvious, and the 10 listed below are among those we do not want you to miss – particularly if you are user #1 in your company, the person we hope will soon be introducing others to Glip greatness. See also 10 Savvy Hacks for Your Productivity Playbook, an entertaining tour through some of Glip’s more advanced features, and 4 Ways to Make Glip Your Own, which covers personalization and customization options. Here, we’re particularly focusing on the basics. 1) Organize Teams One of

positive attitude
National Positive Thinking Day is this Sunday! Maintaining a positive attitude at work can be a challenge. So many emails to answer, fires to put out, and demands to meet can make keeping a pep-in-your-step difficult. But, studies have shown a positive attitude can significantly improve ones productivity, creativity, and overall work performance. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to find a way to be positive as often as possible. Here are five tips to help you maintain a positive attitude at work: 1) Be a Good Communicator Communication is at the heart of almost everything we do, both in our professional and personal lives. An ability

data virtualization
Every company these days has at least one thing in common: they rely on data to stay competitive. It doesn’t matter what industry it is or what kind of approach your company takes, without access to its own data at a moment’s notice, there’s no way it will be profitable for long. Unfortunately, most companies don’t seem to know this. They tend to give very little thought to this at all. Instead, they focus on things like marketing and sales funnels. While those elements are certainly very important for the future of any organization, something like data virtualization will play as big, if not bigger, a role. What

video chat
One of the first things people notice about Glip is how many modes of communication and collaboration it supports and how simple it is to switch between them. Collaboration starts with good communication, and the most common action people take in Glip is sending a chat message to a colleague or a team. In that case, just start typing, and your message will go out as soon as you hit ENTER. Yet from the same prompt you can assign a task, share a file, add an event


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