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Working from home, while rewarding and convenient, can often times curb productivity. Distractions are ever prevalent, especially with the presence of children, spouses or pets. There is another productivity killer that could be present. Bad posture, dim lighting and uncomfortable work settings can lead to a series of injuries and musculoskeletal disorders. Some injuries, such as carpel tunnel and sprains, could keep you out of work for weeks! Below are some ergonomically friendly ways to avoid injuries while working from home, while increasing overall productivity. What Causes Injuries When Working From Home? When working from home, it is very important to remember your

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Being an entrepreneur is not an easy task. Often times the media will only highlight accomplishments and successes of entrepreneurs, and while it looks amazing, they fail to show the struggle and hard work that allowed them to reach that result. The achievements and success are much more glamorous—nobody wants to read about 18-hour workdays, mounds of stress, and the personal sacrifices. They want to hear about financial gains and building a successful business. There are specific traits that many successful entrepreneurs share. I have put together a list of eight that I believe anyone about to venture down the entrepreneurial path should become familiar with. 1) They have

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RingCentral is a fully integrated communications solution. Our cloud phone system can help businesses in any industry thrive. The RingCentral cloud phone system brings together all the modern ways you communicate—text, voice, online meetings, online fax, and more—with all the modern ways you work—at multiple locations, remotely, and via mobile—into a unified communications solution that is easy to deploy, easy to maintain, and easy on the budget. Learn how RingCentral can help businesses in manufacturing, legal sector and retail/restaurant industries. MANUFACTURING

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When things go wrong for customers, the standard reaction now is to head to Twitter and find out what is going on. From bad weather and cancelled flights, to broken technology and faulty goods, Twitter has become a go-to service for concerned customers. Some businesses have been slow to accept the new face of customer service. But for the brands that have embraced the changes, putting social media at the heart of customer service has meant greater brand loyalty, positive word of mouth, and a better customer experience. 1) Transport for London Traveling in one of the world’s busiest cities has the potential to be stressful—which is why


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