When Cresa CIO, Dave Nuss, joined the real estate services firm four years ago, he found 11 different Customer Relationship Management systems in use, as well as a hodgepodge of Voice over IP and traditional PBX phone systems. As he explained at Dreamforce, the annual mega-conference, when he began consolidating these systems the reasons he

In the just released 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications as a Service report, Gartner selected RingCentral as a Leader in the Magic Quadrant.  In addition RingCentral was positioned as the most “visionary” company on the quadrant, and we are the most “up and to the right” off all the vendors in the leaders quadrant. I could not be more pleased about our position in the Magic Quadrant, which is a result of the countless hours of hard work by the RingCentral team across all functions, as well as the commitment and belief of

I first attended APIWorld in Fall of 2014, almost 2 quarters before we officially launched our RingCentral Connect Platform. During that conference, I was impressed by the depth and insightfulness of the talks delivered. APIs and integrations are often mysterious and esoteric to many business operators, and the 2014 event made it much less so. I told myself: when RingCentral gets its program going, we’re coming back. That’s why I am excited to announce that RingCentral is a partner sponsor at Integrate 2015. We will be giving talks about how Connect Platform has been leveraged by numerous software developers to create a better

dreamforce 2015
Beyond serving as the users conference for, Dreamforce has grown into an annual festival celebration of the cloud computing era. With more than 170,000 people registered to attend, it’s now the world’s largest technology event. As part of a keynote address where he quoted projection that the worldwide marketing for cloud computing will soon reach $270 billion, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff crowed, “we’ve come a long way from where it was when we started and it was zero.” Since it was founded in 1999 as a service delivering applications for salespeople over the internet, the company has expanded both its own footprint and its


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