I’m excited to announce the publication of Callinize for RingCentral, a suite of high-quality CTI integrations that connects RingCentral with SugarCRM, Infusionsoft, Insightly, Zoho, Salesforce, and other leading CRMs. Screen pop, click-to-dial, and advanced analytics. Callinize’s high-quality integration includes a sophisticated, omni-present “call status” panel that lights up in front of an agent when there’s an inbound call, regardless if the agent has their CRM app open. The panel intelligently displays both basic caller information as well as pull in contact info from SugarCRM and others.  Agents can then inject call notes

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Our jobs can be demanding so it is important to take steps to reduce stress levels while working. There are lots of small changes one can make throughout the day to de-stress. In recognition of National Stress Awareness Day (April 16, 2016) try these three easy ways to help you de-stress while at work. 1) Take Breaks Work is a place of doing. Meetings, phone calls, and deadlines dominate the work day. This can leave you mentally exhausted and stressed. Therefore, it is important to schedule time to de-stress. Don’t just say you’ll take a break, actually schedule it into your calendar. Whether it’s an

Web payments have been available since the mid 1990s, while mobile payments have been available for less than a decade. Both payment methods can be valuable tools for small-business owners to enhance customer convenience, payment flexibility and operational efficiency — but is one more secure than the other? Here’s a look behind both payment technologies, and the security they stand to offer. Mobile payment security is contingent on the user.  As Vanessa Pegueros of The SANS Institutes writes in the white paper, Security of Mobile Banking and Payments, “… the aspects of mobile that make

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Small business owners and employees face challenges. Small business typically equals small budgets, small staff, and small amounts of time. In spite of this, the demands on small businesses and their staff are still quite large. Workers are required to wear numerous hats and perform cross-functional duties constantly. Time can be a massive factor for smaller companies with big demands, requiring workers to be more productive, performing their duties in and outside of the office. Changing demand is forcing all workers at companies big and small to have


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