Running a company is a complex business. And things only become more challenging as a business starts to grow. For instance, early in a company’s life, the focus is often on innovation and functional delivery of a product or service—with cost efficiency taking a back seat. But as a company begins to experience growth, a shift occurs. Suddenly, the organization needs to find ways to lower overall costs and maximize its investments. And more often than not, management turns to IT to help achieve these greater cost efficiencies. One of the most effective ways for IT to lower business operating costs is to establish and implement system standards throughout the

One of the skills I’ve honed over the 13 years I’ve spent managing and growing channel partner programs is the ability to spot a great opportunity. When I joined RingCentral recently as VP of Channel Sales, it was precisely because I saw a great opportunity. Specifically, I saw an extraordinary opportunity to join the leading provider of cloud business communications and collaboration solutions with an existing channel sales program that had a record year in 2015, and to help reshape and expand that program to take it to the next level. As well as RingCentral’s Channel Sales Program has done and continues to do, there are two simple

Before the events and memories of last week’s Enterprise Connect Conference and Expo in Orlando begin to evaporate as I return to the office and begin the digging out process, I wanted to capture the key trends, messages, sentiments and overall positive buzz that made the conference so exciting. For RingCentral, this year constituted our largest show presence to date. Our visibility in the Expo Hall was substantially greater than in past years. Our booth was pretty much packed throughout the conference. Presentations on topics like “The Power of an Open Platform” and “The Connected Customer” by RingCentral speakers including David Lee, Marco Casalaina, “Business Communications

There's many reasons to visit us at Channel Partners Conference and Expo in Las Vegas from March 16-18, but one of the best ones is for the money! Until April 15th, there is a lucrative incentive bonus on top of standard commissions for RingCentral partners who bring in deals upwards of 250 end users. To find out just exactly how many zeros are in the bounty, visit us at Channel Partners Expo booth 229. The sales demographics from this past year are a testament to the enterprise quality level of service RingCentral consistently provides. Several large customers, 1,000+ end users deals, have


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