secure data
If you’re concerned that your business’s website and secure data is in danger of being hacked, your fears aren't entirely unfounded. Security experts estimate that as many as 30,000 websites are hacked each day — and that no business is too large or small to fall off the radar of hackers. Despite that very real threat, there are proactive steps you can take to minimize the likelihood that your site falls victim to malicious web predators. Here are six simple ways to secure your business’s online data. 1) Keep your software up to date. Sites are commonly compromised because operating software becomes outdated, allowing hackers

phone interview
Phone interviews provide small businesses with a convenient and efficient way to conduct the first steps of the hiring process. In comparison to in-person interviews, phone interviews are easier to schedule – and they let small businesses consider candidates from a larger geographic area, without having to invest in travel costs. In fact, they don’t even require an office – a benefit for many startups and small businesses. For all their advantages, though, phone interviews can make it hard to identify the strongest candidates. Because the interview isn’t conducted in person, the

heart marketing
The best marketing appeals to the emotions of the audience: it must be inspirational and heart-warming. This is Heart Marketing. Instead of a hard sell focused on product benefits, the best marketing makes you want to be a part of something bigger, be a part of the movement. Let’s look at four examples of Heart Marketing that makes you stop and think, feel better about the world you live in, that makes you want to share the experience with others. 1. TOMS Giving in the U.S.: Helping American Children In Need Many people are already aware of TOMS shoes One For One pledge to donate

managing remote workers
The work-from-home trend is strong and growing, and it’s posing unique challenges for managers who aren't used to overseeing remote workers. Managing a team of remote professionals requires everything it takes to lead a traditional workforce – along with a unique appreciation for long-distance (professional, not romantic) relationships. If you’re a manager and you’re responsible for a remote team, here are five tips for making the transition from a traditional office to a virtual network: 1) Treat your team professionally.  Respect is


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