For a long time, businesses have been saddled with the onerous task of figuring out how to deploy their communications infrastructure globally, but in a simple way. The realities of a distributed workforce makes this need more prevalent now than ever before, and we hear our customers increasingly demanding a flexible unified communications solution that fosters a collaborative working environment and scales globally. Historically, this task has been highly complex and expensive with multiple, legacy on-premise PBX systems. That’s why today, I’m very excited to announce the launch of RingCentral Global Office, a single global Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution designed for multinational businesses. Connecting

work anywhere holiday
Now that the back-to-work blues are finally beginning to wear off, everyone has an eye on booking that first holiday of the year. This, combined with the occasional days off, plus maternity and paternity leave means there are always gaps in the workforce to cover no matter what time of the year it is. And whilst those well-deserved breaks on beaches, or in the new nursery mean a great work/life balance, they do have the potential to skew your incoming calls. The baby may need holding for

motion recruitment 1
We are extremely thrilled to announce that Motion Recruitment Partners, a holding company to a group of leading recruitment solution providers, including recruitment process outsourcing (Seven Step RPO) and IT Perm & Contract Staffing (Jobspring Partners and Workbridge Associates), has selected RingCentral to consolidate and streamline its enterprise communications for employees located across 26 global locations.   Founded in 1989, Motion Recruitment Partners empowers employers by changing the way they acquire talent. As a strategic recruiting partner, the companies of Motion Recruitment Partners help clients develop, implement, and measure best-in-class hiring processes that attract the hard-to-find talent they need to achieve their

compulsory mindset
When getting involved with a new business venture, success is usually the primary goal, but what is it that makes some people successful while others are not? Unfortunately, there are times when we have everything we need to run a successful business, but our attitudes are holding us back. By changing the way that you think about business and life with these compulsory mindsets, you can get your business back on track. 1) Have a Clear Vision and Purpose It’s difficult to create a plan of action and establish business goals if you don’t have a clear vision and purpose. Spend time thinking about these aspects of your organization,


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