The virtual private server is a little confusing in terms of functionality for some people. It can be simply explained as a hybrid server that shares some functions with shared server and some functions with the dedicated server. A VPS server is created for users who want more customized web business management solutions as well as maintaining the highest quality for their customers. VPS is also an ideal solution for top business competitors and those who want to jet-start their new businesses. As VPS is a hybrid server, some may believe that it is an amalgam of the best features of shared server and dedicated server. Here are some features of

As another year quickly comes to an end, it’s a natural time for businesses to look ahead and ponder what the future holds in store. When it comes to communications and collaboration,  here are some top predictions based on current trends we think will redefine the way people work together in the coming years. √    To streamline the communication process, voice calls, texts, file sharing, video chats, and other tools will increasingly be consolidated onto centralized collaboration platforms. √    With more employees wanting to use their own mobile devices at work, the days of the traditional desk phone are numbered. √    Business communications systems will

Cloud communication helps organizations efficiently manage customer phone calls and mobile capability. With this in mind, we have integrated Zoho CRM with cloud communication systems to ensure every business has a reliable voice service inside its CRM. Today, we are happy to introduce Zoho CRM for RingCentral, the integration between your favorite CRM and the leading cloud communications system.  Now you can dial, log, and record calls inside your CRM in a smarter way so you can enhance the productivity of your teams and enrich customer interactions. https://youtu.be/NFxBDHgDA10 Gain full control of your customer interactions Get advanced call controls and global connectivity right inside your CRM. With Zoho CRM for

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Put the mince pie down for a second. If you hadn’t noticed, Christmas and the holiday break have very nearly arrived. And whilst ‘tis the season to wish everyone good cheer and be with loved ones (and quite right too), it invariably means lots of gaps in the workforce. With people taking vacation time, and spending less time in the office. This can lead to plenty of calls being missed, and business opportunities that could be falling through the cracks. But your clients needn’t feel a cold shoulder. When away from the office, there are several ways you can have your calls handled. Whether it’s sending


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