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DMEautomotive (DMEa) is an innovation-driven automotive marketing firm with offices in Daytona Beach and Jacksonville, Florida. Its workforce of 400 associates includes a significant number of remote workers dispersed throughout northeastern Florida. RingCentral sat down with DMEa IT Director David Lachicotte and discussed his company’s cloud-based phone solution. Some excerpts follow. RingCentral: What drove DMEa’s decision to implement RingCentral? David Lachicotte: In our old PBX system, the reliability was at a single point. If it went down, everything went down. We need to know that when one of our customers calls us we’re going to be

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Yesterday marked the last day of Enterprise Connect which took place from March 16th to 20th in Orlando, FL. It was a great event and here at RingCentral, we've become big fans of the annual business phone and unified communications gathering.  It was our first time having a show presence and we were thrilled to be there among some of our industry’s most savvy UC buyers, IT specialists, influencers, analysts, and ecosystem of service providers. Here’s a few pics of our great booth on the Expo floor and our passionate team of staffers. There were many takeaways

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Today nearly 1 million physicians in the U.S. practice in multiple locations, including offices, hospitals, and clinics. A recent Healthcare Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) survey revealed that 83% of physicians said they use mobile technology to facilitate patient care. Additional recent surveys disclosed that: 79% use smartphones for professional purposes 60% of patients have either started paying for video consultation or plan to in the next few years 41% prescribe medications via mobile devices Mobile healthcare, or mHealth, is creating new demands on healthcare IT professionals for supporting BYOD best practices and mHealth security, reliability and efficiency. IT departments are investing in

There are two kinds of people I come across these days. There are those who call me on the phone to discuss a project, prefer to meet face to face and email attached photos and documents. They wait for my decision or input, and they may do the same with a few other people. Projects plod along sequentially. These people are working pretty much the same way they did in 2005, or earlier. And then there are those who work completely differently than they did a decade ago. They share a link to a collaborative document, and by the time I open the link, there may be several other people


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