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Nowadays there are so many websites that allow you to work for yourself and make a good amount of side income. For those with full time jobs, the sites below require some additional hours to your already busy week, but you can determine the hours and manage them accordingly. If you want to work full time for yourself, you can do so with these websites, assuming that you put in the time and work ethic! Read on to find out what the best websites are to work for yourself for side income or full time job opportunites. 1) Rover.com Rover.com is

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Every organization should have an online presence of some kind, whether it is a local business listing, Facebook fan page, or Google Plus profile. Fortunately, the price of developing a site has reduced significantly within the past few years and organic search still plays an important role in driving traffic to a website. Whatever the purpose of your company's site, whether it's generating new leads or redefining the company’s image, a business website is often the first place a person

If you love spontaneous style and on-the-go images, then Instagram is the place for you. Home of the "selfie", its range of filters and editing tools gives Instagram its characteristic feel. It has been embraced by the young, the style-conscious, and by brands wanting to tap into this market. But it isn’t a place to simply re-post your glossy marketing shots: save those for Facebook. Instead, the brands that have really got to grips with Instagram are the ones who understand that it’s OK to be different. Let's taken a look


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