We are pleased to announce that our 7.1 launch for RingCentral Office is happening today!  We continue to lead the industry as a pure play cloud business communications provider by staying on top of the latest features that add the greatest value, flexibility, quality and security. Here’s the most current updates to our flagship product with the launch of version 7.1. Secure Voice ( Encrypted Voice) In this release, we further strengthen our security with Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP) encryption between endpoints on the network, including desk phones, conference phones, RingCentral mobile app and

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Announcing the latest addition to the RingCentral for Developers growing library of APIs -- the Voicemail Preview API uses a voicemail transcription service that produces a text-based preview of the audio voice message. This capability automatically transcribes the voicemail and makes the text available directly in the message object, enabling developers to add transcriptions easily to their mobile, web, or email applications. The Voicemail Preview API is included with RingCentral Office Enterprise edition. The Voicemail Preview API is offered as part of the Voicemail Preview feature in RingCentral Office Enterprise edition, providing text

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Marketing and advertising on social media is now the norm, replacing outdated traditional practices from decades ago. Antiquated placements in phone books, with dozens of different choices available, find most consumers casting them out into the trash. Running local newspaper ads are often left unseen in the thousands of choices available. While the argument of the death of print media rages on, many question the continued effectiveness of print media. We can all safely agree that Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook site is reaching a much larger audience than Ma Bell’s printed Yellow Pages, the Wall Street Journal and New York Times subscriptions -- since they have all moved online. Social media interactions, with the saturation of

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Drone hobbyists and professional business executives rejoice! Ozone for RingCentral is swooping into the business communications marketplace. Take the best of video conferencing and mount it on a cutting-edge quadcopter and you have the most premium innovation in business telecom since propellers first diced restricted airspace, and business people invented the Confident Steady Eye Contact power move (handshakes would be hazardous to your health using Ozone for RingCentral). Aviation history will never be the same again and you’ll be able to work from your Jacuzzi like never before. With Ozone for RingCentral, it’s like you’re in the office, only you’re blasting several Gs of cool air through the corridors, joining conferences in high-definition video, hovering by your coworkers for dynamic collaboration,


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