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For IT teams dealing with classic on-premise PBX systems, striving to sustain high communication levels can be a huge source of frustration. Valiant IT teams have hacked their PBX systems to the straining point but still can't find the performance they need or the flexibility and scalability they crave. PBX and IP PBX systems were designed to thrive in a closed-network environment. When you had one office, one PBX system, etc. you could communicate pretty well. Now, however, the modern day workforce is not a closed-network environment. It is a workforce of remote employees, BYOD,

pacific bmw
The premier BMW dealership in Southern California Pacific BMW is one of the largest BMW dealerships on the West Coast. Founded in 1982, the dealership has experienced exponential growth in providing its customers with a variety of automotive solutions. The dealership has a wide range of new and pre-owned vehicles as well as a highly trained staff of auto repair technicians and a large inventory of BMW parts. Based out of Glendale, California, Pacific BMW has 150 employees. Maintaining professionalism and privacy Several of the capabilities offered by RingCentral Office have improved internal and external communications. The Softphone and easy-to-use

masters degree
Earning a Master's degree puts you ahead of the competition and lets you hone in on one field of study. This looks very good for jobs, especially those in the telecommunications field. Telecommunications is a huge industry. In fact, Forbes recently rated it as the 5th most profitable industry, according to big data. With so much competition for this ever-expanding field, a Master's degree can increase your chances of landing a job and set you up for promotions within the field as well. Here are the best Master's degrees to get for a career in telecommunications. 1) Telecommunications As

dynamic workforce
Supporting a Dynamic Workforce means you now have remote workers and multiple locations all over the place with the goal of keeping everyone connected at the same time. As many IT organizations quickly learned, supporting a Dynamic Workforce comes with all new requirements. These requirements didn't even exist when traditional on-premise PBX systems were designed. And thus, PBX systems do not have the capacity to cater to this flexible new workforce like the cloud-based phone system, or virtual PBX, does. Here are


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