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Entrepreneurs don’t become successful by accident -- it takes extreme dedication and hard work. Understanding what traits highly successful entrepreneurs possess will help you identify what is required to achieve your goals. Here are eight traits that will help you become a successful entrepreneur. 1) They understand what is happening in their business at all times. A successful business owner knows what is happening at all times. They know how their sales are performing and they are fully aware of how each department within his or her organization is performing at all times. Without this full understanding it would be impossible to implement changes necessary to meet and exceed

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When someone searches for your name or business online, what will they find? The internet has completely changed the way people research, buy and discover new things online. This is especially true when it comes to researching information on a purchase before buying, looking up a potential new hire for a company, or even doing a little search on your favorite restaurants and businesses in your area. No matter what people are searching for, whatever appears on the first page of the search results can make a huge impact not only on the person who is searching, but also for your own reputation as well. In the never ending war

RingCentral recently announced a complete integration with Desk.com which will allow users to provide personalized customer interactions during every call. Now, existing Desk.com customer records are instantly matched to incoming callers and displayed on the screen, so agents can immediately provide insightful conversations; a new Desk.com case is automatically created for each customer call, freeing the agent to focus on the customer; and agents can effortlessly enter notes about active calls directly in customer records. Here are three additional benefits of integrating RingCentral's cloud communications system with Desk.com can bring to your customer support team. 1) Productivity  Few people talk about the information superhighway anymore, so I

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Today is an exciting day that marks a big step forward for RingCentral. Our flagship product RingCentral Office now integrates with Google for Work, a suite of tools that includes Gmail and Google Docs. Why is this important?  Here at RingCentral, we've set out to redefine business communications by eliminating the expense and complications of legacy on-premise systems. RingCentral has become a leading cloud-based communications solution relied on by more than 300,000 businesses. By integrating RingCentral with Google for Work, we are where you are –


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