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Thank you to everyone who participated in the #OfficeAnywhere photo contest! We received a lot of great submissions, and narrowing down the top 10 finalist was a challenge for our team. (Check out the photos from finalists below.) #OfficeAnywhere Photo Contest Finalists from RingCentral, Inc. The voting period has now come to an end, and we are excited to announce the winners. As there was a tie for the 3rd spot, we will have 4 contest

internet of things
Recently, I attended the Internet of Things Summit in San Jose. Boasting “The Rise of the Interconnected World,” this summit brought together thought leaders to discuss how we might create smarter, more interconnected spaces. This was a great conference, very forward-looking and rife with great presenters calling this “The Intelligence Age.” This sounds pretty exciting to me! It is unquestionable that the Internet of Things (IoT) is coming of age right now. Some slides from presentations at the summit show that Cisco believes the IoT space is a $19 trillion opportunity, and GE predicts that the industrial internet will grow the US GDP by $15

email etiquette
Did you know the second week in June is National Email Week? That means today marks the first day of this year's National Email Week. A recent study found emails continue to be the most pervasive form of communication in the United States with over 108.7 billion emails sent and received per day. Yet, most of us still make basic email etiquette mistakes. Today’s article will provide you with eight easy to execute email etiquette tips. 1) Pay Attention To Emails You Receive One of the easiest ways to figure out exactly how to write and send emails is to pay close attention to how you respond to emails you’ve

facebook gifs
On May 29 of this year Facebook began supporting GIFs on personal profiles. For years there has been much chatter around why Facebook did not support GIFs and when they might start to. So, this is pretty big and exciting news. GIFs have been one of the most shared types of content on the web for many years. Yet, Facebook continued to not support them. Yes, there were times when work-arounds made it possible but those disappeared almost as quickly as they arrived. But now, for the first time, Facebook directly supports these fun, and highly viral, pieces of content. While GIFs are currently not supported


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