business multitasking
As the new year roles around, change is in the air.  IT managers and business executives are looking ahead to the new year, and it’s clear cloud technology and the growing mobile workforce will play a major role in how work gets done and how employees communicate.  A recent uSamp survey, commissioned by RingCentral, proves that business communications are always on in 2015. The data illustrates the renovated approach companies will take in the new year to move business communication forward. Here’s what’s on the horizon: Voicemail May Be Dying (A Slow Death). 82% say they prefer

personal brand
As a business owner or entrepreneur, you have two kinds of brands: professional and personal. While they might seem mutually exclusive, one can negatively impact the other. Everyone has heard stories about CEOs and business leaders caught up in a personal scandal. Whether you express personal opinions on Facebook, tweet about politics, or choose your work over family one too many times, your brand is the barometer by which you can judge your success. Success in business can be defined in many ways: working for yourself, making a certain amount of money each year, being considered a thought leader,

networking email
Networking is a critical skill to have when trying to land a job nowadays. While networking may seem like it is for extreme extroverts, only 70% of the population is considered to be extroverts. That means that there are other ways to network besides face-to-face interactions. One of these ways includes E-mail. E-mailing a potential connection is a great way to establish a foundation while not having the awkward in person informational interview. Better yet, you can send E-mails out to dozens of people and expand your networking options more than in-person consultations. The first step is to find the right people to


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