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Today is an exciting day that marks a big step forward for RingCentral. Our flagship product RingCentral Office now integrates with Google for Work, a suite of tools that includes Gmail and Google Docs. Why is this important?  Here at RingCentral, we've set out to redefine business communications by eliminating the expense and complications of legacy on-premise systems. RingCentral has become a leading cloud-based communications solution relied on by more than 300,000 businesses. By integrating RingCentral with Google for Work, we are where you are –

It might be easy to overlook blogging site Tumblr when you’ve already committed to the large profile social media sites. Mashable recently reported that just 31 of the top 100 brands are on Tumblr. But for the brands who have invested the time in getting to know the advantages of the platform, it has proved to be an opportunity for community building and discovering new audiences; as well as a place for showing off your brand’s philosophy through striking visuals. Let’s look at ten brands that have made Tumblr

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The tried and true words of wisdom say that you get what you pay for. Usually this is true, but what about today in the growing digital age? Is this always true? There are many amazing apps and tools that are readily available to help business of all sizes better manage, market, and grow – all for free. Some are well known and deserve some return attention; others are fairly new and upcoming to the business marketplace. Here are some of the best choices available to you to consider as you prepare your business for the coming year: 1) GoToMyPC We start off the list with the handy

We are pleased to announce that our 7.0 launch, for RingCentral Office, Professional and Fax users, is happening today!  Our mission at RingCentral is to continue enhancing business communications with quality, value and flexibility. Here are some the the latest updates and enhancements RingCentral customers will now experience. RingCentral for Desk We are excited to present RingCentral for Desk. This new integrated solution between RingCentral phone system and Desk.com enables the efficiency of Desk.com agents who are now able to easily make or take calls directly within Desk.com.


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