We’re pleased to announce the new integration of Connectivity’s customer intelligence platform with RingCentral’s cloud communications solution. This new integration allows RingCentral customers to build a customer list from existing phone records that can be used to create smart marketing campaigns. Most businesses don’t do anything with an important source of data: phone calls. Every time a customer (or potential customer) calls a business, a wealth of information waits to be captured. Now, it’s possible to use phone records to create a customer list with Connectivity.Here’s how

mobile phone use at work
With the average Brit now checking their phone every 6 and a half minutes, it’s clear why mobile phone usage at work is a concern for many employers. In fact, mobile phone usage has been named by employers as the number one way they believe employees waste time at work. But are mobile phones really that much of a hindrance in the office, or can they be a valuable work tool, if used in the right way? Working out how to limit the time spent by employees on their mobile phones can cause massive stress to employers. Many employers have

lead generation
The aim of any business is to generate more leads and sales, and therefore to increase profit. But not all businesses know how to reach right people and boost conversions. The biggest problem may occur when you’re looking for appropriate software. Here are a few tips from SMB Guru on how find the best tools which help you to maximize your leads, turn them into buying customers and improve the success of your business. 1) Learn your customers’ preferences With the growth of your business your customer base expands. It’s crucial for any business to know their customers’ opinions and expectations. There is a number of data

contact center webinar
In the not-too-distant past, the voice call was king in the contact center. In fact, it was really the only game in town. But times have changed—and technology right along with it—and your company needs to keep up, or risk being left behind. Today’s consumers have many options for communicating with your company besides voice, including email, online chat, SMS, and social media. Discover how an integrated and multi-channel contact center can bring all of these channels together into a unified platform that can dramatically improve both customer satisfaction and agent productivity. Join Niel Levonius, Director of Product Marketing, and Chris Leon, Senior Manager of Product


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