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Communications nightmares should never interrupt your dream business. It’s time to take complete control and exorcise these devilish issues for good. Sluggish responses Customers don’t wait around. The good news is you probably have a mobile phone on you at all times. If you can’t get to your desk phone, your calls can divert to your mobile automatically. If you’re busy, simply ensure calls forward to another colleague or another one of your contact numbers. Spine-chilling callers Remember that car accident you had, or that PPI claim you took out? Thought not. Never fear, you’ll be able to see the cold-callers coming with call screening take complete control

a day in the life
Life used to be more straightforward. Work mostly took place in the office. You had your computer and phone on your desk and that was pretty much all you needed. Now we’re much more mobile and working patterns have a tendency to vary as we gain new tools to work more flexibly. The problem is, once you step away from your desk, you are off the system. If your office phone rings, the call either eventually goes to voicemail or a well-meaning colleague answers on your behalf only to inform them you are in fact not there. If you are a busy person,

your customer
Last week, October 15, 2015, was Get To Know Your Customer Day! How well do you know your customers? Could you know them better? There are many ways to get to know customers. You can invest in focus groups, dig into data and analyze behavior. But, what about simply taking the time to ask the right questions!?  Your customers have all the answers you need! They are a wealth of information, and if ask the right questions, they can reveal so much. Here are five questions every business should be asking customers they hope to get to know better: 1) “How are we doing?” and “Why?” A simple

back to the future
In the movie "Back to the Future Part II," Marty McFly travels to October 21, 2015, to save his children, yet to be born in the original "Back to the Future" in 1985. Watching these movies in the 80s, who didn’t covet the ultimate time machine, Doc’s DeLorean car? Fast-forwarding to today, the future is now. Cars may not be time machines, but they do have some pretty amazing capacities. Could Doc have imagined that Silicon Valley -- not Detroit, or Germany, or Japan -- would hold the future of the automotive industry? Drive through the Valley, and, chances are, you’ll see lots of Teslas, built


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