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LinkedIn is one of the most valuable social platforms for businesses. No other platform provides more opportunities for connecting and engaging with both potential and current clients and customers. However, far too many businesses don’t have the right company presence. This article provides five actionable tips for implementing a LinkedIn Company Page strategy that will boost your presence. 1) Set Up Your Company Page The first step is an obvious one, create a LinkedIn Company Page. If your page does not exist it will be impossible for people to find you. In fact, people may be searching for your company as you’re reading this

This week two important Facebook related announcements were made. Both could be extremely beneficial for your businesses so long as you are aware of them and understand how your business can benefit. Today’s Friday Five provides insight and recommendations so you can profit. 1) Facebook May Let Businesses Contacts Customers Through WhatsApp. During this years F8 conference, Facebook shared its Business for Messenger initiative. Now we hear Facebook may also open up the same functionality for its chat network, WhatsApp. The rumor is, this would be a “pay to play” opportunity. Either way, consider the doors this could open. 2) Hootsuite Ads ‘for human beings’. The second exciting announcement has to

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Text messaging is no longer just a personal preference—it turns out 80% of people use texting for business and 15% say over half of their text messages are sent or received for business purposes. RingCentral recently commissioned a survey by Instantly and the results are surprising: SMS texting is a preferred mode of communication for both personal and professional use. While more than half of the people surveyed (56%) use 2-3 messaging apps on a regular basis, 72% admit they prefer SMS texting. All of the back and forth on preferred business communication tools puts businesses at risk of overloading their employees. In fact 42%

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Having a highly engaged workforce means having employees who are passionate, invested, and all-around happy at work. But what does that mean for your business? It’s not like you can assign a number to happiness, right? Turns out you can — in a sense. We know that employee engagement levels are tied to many drivers of company success, which in turn affects your bottom line. Let’s look at three of the most important ones. 1) Absenteeism Gallup found that the work units with the highest levels of employee engagement outperformed those with the lowest levels in several different areas, including absenteeism. Highly engaged units had nearly 40%


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