The recent Channel Partners Conference & Expo in Las Vegas was my 13th visit to this show, and from my observations, I believe it lived up to its promotion as the biggest and best installment of the show to date. More carriers, service providers, exhibitors and other participants seemed to be in attendance, and the interest and enthusiasm about hot topics like UCaaS were particularly encouraging to see. RingCentral was well represented, not only by the team that staffed our heavily trafficked booth in the exhibit hall, but by our channel partner team led by yours truly and Ryan Azus, our Senior Vice

His face exuded calm, but his tail betrayed him.
They say if you want to make the universe laugh, tell it your plans. There’s no way around it, however well we may plan for success, disruptions will arise from unforeseen obstacles. Whilst these problems can cause us headaches in business, it is often how we are able to solve them that determines our success. What if you could stay on top of communications no matter how many spanners are thrown in the works? When it comes to today’s communication systems, you have plenty of options. When the weather turns bad, conditions outside can make it a real challenge to get into work. Just because you are out of the office, doesn’t mean the phone will stop ringing. Whether it’s snowflakes

flexible communications
When we speak about flexibility in the workplace, what springs to mind? No, not yoga mats exercising at lunchtime, we're talking about the ability to not be stuck in one place and get things done whilst on the move. In the past, your communications system would have made life very difficult when it came to workplace flexibility. Being away from the desk phone for any reason could lead to frustrated customers and potentially new clients moving on to the next phone number as yours goes unanswered. Traditional phone lines and PBX systems were always restricted to the office, leaving you chained to your desk. Not only this, but separate lines and systems would be required in every office nationally and

RingCentral congratulates SEA Media, a social media marketing agency in Dayton, Ohio, as the winner of the Teamwork Realized customer story contest. SEA won a $1,000 reward for their team – and our thanks for sharing their story of how the Glip messaging, collaboration and productivity platform makes its team more productive. “We're very thankful,” SEA Media CEO Sara Moore said after learning about the win Thursday. “As a small business, we rely on tools that help us really work efficiently, because that's what really makes a difference – that's what's going to take you from six to seven figures. Of all the tools


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