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Selling is a vital aspect of any business. While many business owners do not like to consider themselves 'sales people' in reality business owners are actually major sales people, and they're the ones who best know their products or services. What are some key sales' skills and how can they further be developed? Most of the tips listed below will be familiar to you, but you must be wondering, how do you apply this to become a better business person? The key is to recognize any gaps you have in the tips outlined and then develop your skills in those areas. It's important to understand what leads to

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Ever been to a meeting that you didn’t feel was entirely necessary? Sorry, silly question, we've all been there before. But perhaps you’ve been to a meeting that didn’t need as much time and organisation. Maybe it would have been just as productive to bring people together online? Face to face meetings are important and business still works on good ol’ fashioned rapport, no matter how much tech comes along. However, the way conferencing and meeting technology has advanced it would be naive to think physical meetings are sacrosanct. For starters, the cost saving of not traveling can be substantial. It’s not just those coming from far-flung locations; expenses tend to rack up when people regularly travel from shorter distances.

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Social media can’t be ignored in today’s marketing environment. Businesses have realized the power of social media and now it is considered to be an integral part of business strategy. Social media is an easy and cost-effective way to reach millions of potential customers and promote your brand. Virality of content via social media is impressive. But it’s essential to understand how to engage with the right audience in the right place and time. Using social media channels you can increase exposure, generate leads, get a loyal audience, improve search ranking, reduce expenses, improve sales and establish business relationships. And this isn't even the

productive team meeting
Meetings play a key role for businesses. They allow teams to come together, collaborate, ask questions, learn, get motivated, the list could go on and on. However, without a clear strategy for your meetings they can quickly become disruptive, time-wasters. Here are five tips to help you run more productive meetings! 1) Always Have a Clear Agenda A clear objective for every meeting is important. But, sharing your objective(s) with participants is imperative if you hope to have a successful meeting. Provide a clear agenda in advance (at least 24 hours) of your meeting. This will allow participants to come prepared with ideas, questions, recommendations, concerns, and


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