Here at RingCentral, your online security is important to us. We want to help you understand how to identify and avoid fraud and malicious activity. Often times, bad actors will try to impersonate well-known and trusted services such as RingCentral to spread malware, defraud, or steal personal information. This practice is called phishing. In these all-too-common scenarios, users sometimes inadvertently click on a malicious link or an attached file. This often leads to downstream effects that aren't obvious at the time, including the presence of keystroke logging malware on your computer. Your computer may become part of botnets, and you may fall victim to the collection, and often later

linkedin analytics
Earlier this month LinkedIn rolled out a new analytics tool for their publishing platform. This is great news for anyone who has, or will, publish content via the self-publishing tool. This week’s Friday Five shares five insights, and actionable tips, for how to leverage them. 1) Where Traffic Comes From Now LinkedIn publishers (that’s you) can see where their readers come from. Do they arrive on your content from LinkedIn Pulse, Google searches or from posting in Groups? Knowing where traffic comes from is important. It provides insight for how you should focus future efforts when trying to drive more traffic to

brand loyalty
Brand loyalty is everything. It's what people think when they see your logo, your reputation when they hear your name and even a customer’s association when they purchase your products or services. With so much emphasis on your brand, you need to make sure it looks better than ever. That's exactly what we're going to focusing on in this branding loyalty article. On the internet, your brand gets the most exposure through search engines and social networks -- after all, that's where 99% of people start and end their internet usage. This means you should also spend your branding efforts in these areas as well. What is Brand Loyalty and Why Does

Tech Data Corporation, one of the world’s largest distributors of IT products and services, signed a new agreement today that enables Tech Data’s channel of solution providers in the U.S. to sell RingCentral’s cloud communications solution to business customers. RingCentral’s offering  will now be available through Tech Data’s award-winning StreamOne Solutions Store. Tech Data Corporation ranked No. 111 on the Fortune 500® and was named one of Fortune’s “World’s Most Admired Companies”. Its advanced logistics capabilities and value added services enable 115,000 resellers


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