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The joys of summer… shorts, Hawaiian t-shirts, flip-flops… do they feel like a distant memory? That’s because by now all those items would have been banished to the back of the wardrobe to be replaced by woolly hats, jumpers and wellies. We have now entered that part of the year where snow, floods, gales and even leaves can make the most pleasant of journeys to work, feel like a never-ending odyssey. But whilst reaching the office can be more than a little frustrating, customers needn’t be feeling the same pains when trying to reach you. With today’s communication tools, maintaining business as usual in the face of adversity can be achieved with the simple touch of a button. When caught out by

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Most contact center managers today recognize the symbiotic relationship that exists between customers and agents: both depend on the other for their ultimate satisfaction during their encounters. So rather than looking outward for ways to make your customers happier, consider looking inward for ways make your agents happier. When calling your contact center, customers are looking for a pleasant, interactive experience with a knowledgeable agent. But before that can happen, agents need the proper tools and training to get the job done right. When they do, they’ll naturally feel less frustration with their jobs, which in turn helps them project a virtual smile that can boost

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Although there are many opportunities for small businesses to raise capital, you should realize that many of the choices for a growing business may not always be available. This is why you need to be able to take an advantage of an offer immediately when it presents itself. Here are five of the more popular solutions that are used by small businesses today to help raise capital: 1) Business accelerator programs These special programs for businesses exchange capital investment for shares of equity in the companies that participate. For a company to qualify for one of these events, which generally last for about 12 weeks or so, it must have

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Google for Work apps help people at your company connect more easily, allowing them to develop and share ideas, plus get things done from just about anywhere. So just imagine how much more productive everyone at your company would be if you could also integrate Google for Work into your business communications system? At Google for Work/Connect, Google experts and preferred partners will demonstrate innovations that can help your team members work smarter together. During this valuable two-day event, you’ll discover new ways your company can get best-in-class business communications right within Google for Work. Google for Work/Connect will feature


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