brightway insurance
Brightway Insurance set out to make the world a better place for insurance buyers and for businesses selling insurance. It’s fair to say they’ve succeeded; the company has held a spot on the Inc. 500’s fastest growing privately-held companies list eight years in a row, and last year was named the “No. 1 Franchise to Buy in the U.S.” by Forbes Magazine. Today we are happy to welcome them to the RingCentral family as the newest adopters of RingCentral Office and RingCentral Contact Center. Rapid Growth Drives Search for More Efficient Business Communications Solutions

ringcentral connect platform
This month we are excited to release a number of new APIs that will extend programmatic capabilities of the RingCentral Connect Platform with both new and enhanced capabilities. New capabilities include: WebRTC: We released our WebRTC API in beta back in March of this year at the time of the LAUNCH Festival Hackathon. We are happy to announce that this service is now out of beta and available for general use. The WebRTC SDK and demo app is available on GitHub. Thanks

unwanted calls
The phone rings. Your attention is piqued. Is it new business? Your pulse quickens as you imagine the opportunity that awaits. You pick up the phone and introduce yourself in your most professional voice and… …“You are due a large repayment for your PPI claim as well as compensation for that 5 car pile up, remember.” Your shoulders drop and disappointment quickly turns to frustration; this is a business headache you wish you could avoid. Whilst cold calling can be a nuisance that ties up the line and wastes your time, it’s not the only villain when it comes to unwanted calls. There are also the ‘talkers’; those particular individuals

cloud integrations
For quite some time, certainly going back several decades, various key elements of information technology have been evolving on parallel tracks. Specifically, I’m thinking about applications, business communications and platforms. The evolution has been rapid, and at times, a bit confusing. Now, though, we’re seeing these parallel tracks in the process of merging as the cloud has matured enough to become a focal point for what is increasingly viewed as the most efficient, cost-effective and reliable model for business computing in the broadest sense of that term. More than anytime in the past, we are seeing the seamless enablement of the anywhere, anytime, any device, always available work


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