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Since late last year, RingCentral has been releasing production applications based on WebRTC – but WebRTC the technology is not really the exciting part. What is exciting is the flexibility to embed cloud communication services in every business context where it makes sense.  To that end, RingCentral is expanding its use of WebRTC across new product areas, as well as releasing a new WebRTC SDK as a beta to customer and partner developers. Why is WebRTC significant? Business applications are increasingly based on cloud services and web standards. As the web standard for real-time communication, WebRTC means it is no longer necessary to rely on desktop apps

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Today’s workplace needs are evolving as businesses expand globally and workforces become more mobile and dispersed. RingCentral is addressing the growing demand in the workplace for seamless communications and collaboration experiences through a simple, integrated, cloud platform. This single platform extends globally and offers a comprehensive solution for uniting people across multiple offices, empowering them to communicate in any mode, from anywhere, on any device. At Enterprise Connect 2016, RingCentral will showcase its products with the latest communication and collaboration capabilities to delight customers - including CIOs, IT administrators, end-users, and contact center managers. These include: Global Business Communications Made Simple - RingCentral will showcase

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The announcement today of RingCentral supporting WebRTC is huge for RingCentral customers, partners, and developers. WebRTC is a free, open source project initiative supported by Google, Mozilla, and Opera (among others) that provides browsers and mobile applications with Real-Time Communications (RTC) capabilities via simple APIs. How do I get started with RingCentral WebRTC? The RingCentral WebRTC services are available as an invite-only beta. If you would like to request an invitation to the WebRTC Beta program, please complete this invitation form. RingCentral WebRTC at Launch Hackathon RingCentral sponsored Launch Hackathon from February 26-28, 2016. We had nearly thirty teams of developers who registered to use WebRTC in their hackathon projects. During this time we were able to identify some of the challenges

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We’re so excited to announce that Ritu Mukherjee, our Associate Vice President of Product Management, is among a remarkable group of 39 women selected for the esteemed YWCA Silicon Valley Tribute to Women Award.  Ritu will be honored at the awards ceremony and dinner in May. Having nominated Ritu for this award for her passion and strong work ethic, we’re so proud to support her honoree recognition. Ritu’s commitment to making a difference across the organization and in the broader community is truly commendable. This year marks the 32nd anniversary of YWCA Silicon Valley and


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