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At RingCentral, we like to think we’re ahead of the curve when it comes to technology for this new world of work, so it’s with pleasure that we are announcing we have partnered with BT to offer the new BT Cloud Phone to UK customers available today. The BT Cloud Phone offers customers integrated voice, web meetings and HD video conferencing, and fax, accessible from smartphones, tablets, desk phones and PCs to enable businesses and employees the flexibility they require in today’s ‘always on’ working environment. With our technology, BT Business customers will benefit from improved flexibility and productivity as business users gain the freedom to remain

It’s been a whirlwind week since announcing our RingCentral Connect™ Platform. In just a few short days, we’ve already had a great deal of interest from the developer community. I was impressed over the weekend with hackathon winners who quickly figured out how to use our tools to help people buy stuff with a gesture, ask product review questions in real time and alert parents whose teenagers are texting while driving. Talk about creative and useful! On Wednesday, I was thrilled to share the details of the platform with some 2,000 developers gathered at Fort Mason for the final day

What a weekend! RingCentral was a sponsor at the 2015 Launch Hackathon.  The platform team spent Friday-Sunday in Fort Mason with a thousand creative, enthusiastic, and very tired hackers, helping them build projects on top of the RingCentral Connect Platform. The results were inspiring.  We worked with teams that built a virtual shopping app powered by Oculus & RingCentral.  We saw demos of an app that texts parents when their teenagers are texting while driving.  Another team built a service that helps shoppers buy stuff online simply by texting their requests to a phone number. It

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Welcome LAUNCH Hackathon participants! We look forward to having you build your applications on our brand new RingCentral Connect Platform. We have an exciting set of communication and data service APIs that can be used to build cool applications. Feel free to mashup with other API platforms. Watch this video for a quick introduction to RingCentral. API Capabilities Modern RESTful APIs with JSON responses. Includes the following capabilities: Communication – SMS/Fax/Voice Presence (calls) & new message events Accounts and extension information (i.e.: voicemail) Call logs Address Book Important links Documentation PHP/JS/Python SDKs on Github


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