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There’s a good financial reason that businesses are increasingly focusing on email marketing: according to a study by Pingdom, a well executed email marketing campaign returns just over $44 for every dollar a company invests. Simply buying an email list and firing off thousands of emails, however, will likely land you in legal trouble. So before launching your first email marketing campaign, you should be familiar with the three following U.S. laws that each apply to different aspects of email marketing. 1) CAN-SPAM: Requiring Sender Disclosure The CAN-SPAM Act is the most on-point law relating to email marketing in the U.S.  Enacted in 2003,

mobile payments
The term "mobile payments" gets thrown around very commonly as customers have become inclined towards making payments using their phones, and merchants have become willing to accept payments through this new technology to add value to their customer’s shopping experience. Whether, you’re a manager at a restaurant accepting mobile payments, or a consumer at Starbucks choosing to use your smart phone to make payments, you’re a part of the mobile payments movement. But even you can use some pointers that will help you differentiate between credit card payments and how mobile payment technology works. By using a digital wallet to make payments you can have

sync devices
The workplace of today is constantly changing. The traditional nine-to-five cubical workday is quickly transforming and expanding. This is especially true for the smaller to medium size business that require a nimble and flexible workforce. If you have Apple devices syncing is extremely easy! Apple’s online-based iCloud service is available for free for all Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch and Apple TV users. Does your office and employees use Apple products? If so, are you leveraging the free iCloud service? Here are five reasons why your business should consider the benefits of synched devices. 1) No Longer Tied to the Office There are benefits to

2015 stevie award customer service
Our RingCentral solution combined with a great customer experience is a formula for long term customer success. We put passion, dedication and focus into delivering consistent, world-class customer delight. One key success factor has been collecting customer feedback and ratings of our service in a systematic, rigorous, and actionable way throughout the customer lifecycle. Using Medallia, our service platform for gathering customer feedback, we have made a significant investment in a “voice of the customer” program infused into the company DNA. We’re always actively listening to what our customers say, whether in surveys, our online community, or


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