With the 4th of July holiday upon us we here at RingCentral are excited to spend this 3-day weekend filled with barbecuing, watching fireworks, and spending quality time with friends and family. We are taking advantage of this time to lay back and enjoy a few days soaking up the sun and the red, white and blue. Five of our employees from different departments share their plans for this celebratory day in America and also reflected on some of their favorite holiday memories from past 4th of July weekends. What are you doing on the Fourth of July? Picnic Day: Brian Chiosi (Marketing Ops/Demand Generation), is planning on having a picnic with food and a few drinks

pbx independence
Every year on the fourth day in July, one nation gathers for a unified anniversary celebration. Grills ignite; fireworks pop and boom in the distance while footballs and cold American beers are tossed around picnic blankets at lake beaches. July Fourth is a day of blissful nostalgia, sensory elation, and warm company, but, above all, it is a day of memorial. Each year, Americans commemorate the day that the founders of the nation gathered together and declared their independence from a system that limited and inhibited their potential to grow and thrive upon their own prowess. The early colonies were under the control of a government that

avant partner
In today’s fast-paced business world, the notion of “working together” to accomplish things is more important than ever. We’re all familiar with this somewhat Silicon Valley-fied notion of collaborative working, and despite my company bias towards such a phenomenon, one cannot argue that it isn’t applicable to enterprise workforces today. The speed at which business is conducted and the rapidity with which messages and emails can reach international territories has brought an efficient, yet chaotic, dimension to the workplace. That’s why businesses need scalable, flexible technology solutions that advance business operations. While most hardware-centric systems of the past impede progress with esoteric infrastructure and inordinate costs, cloud technologies

marketing metrics
All thanks to the digital marketing age – marketers don’t need to execute marketing strategies blindly anymore. You can measure the metrics and other analytical data in real-time on the go! Every digital marketing tool today comes with some sort of associated metric that can help you in measuring your success. However, with the easy availability of tools and metrics comes a bigger responsibility. Responsibility to choose the metrics and success measuring tools properly. Marketers can simply end up wasting their time with the wrong choice of metrics. To aid you, we are here with just the right collection of metrics that play an influential role in measuring


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