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On April 24, 2015 the much anticipated Apple Watch finally went on sale. The age of wearable technology is upon us and it is drastically changing the way people, all over the world, conduct business. Here are five of our favorite Apple Watch apps designed to help entrepreneurs, businesses and employees work in style and on the go! 1) Expedia If you travel for business the Expedia app for Apple Watch is a must download! Traveling can be a pain, and fumbling

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RingCentral Office is different (better) than traditional, analog phone service in just about every way. But, as far as the government is concerned, we are all telecom providers, thus requiring us to fork over various taxes and fees based on our customers’ locations. Because these amounts vary dramatically from city-to-city, we don’t publish the fees on our website. Fortunately, recently built a tool that helps people looking for our service to estimate the total cost, including service fees, of the plan that you’re considering. The total isn’t exact (it uses an average based on your state rather than providing rates

When I reflect on my professional life, past, present, and future, one major theme emerges -- credibility. The importance of establishing a high level of trust in yourself or in your company simply can’t be overstated. Internally with other companies, my entire goal was to be the guy, Mr. Reliable, the man who could do it all. It was imperative to develop a strong reputation in order to be that credible source of information internally, which took time. Fortunately, as an employee, there is plenty of stability, which affords the time to develop this reputation and credibility. When I was running my

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At RingCentral, we provide best-in-class cloud communication solutions for today’s modern enterprise. Our sweet spot is businesses with 50+ employees, and our customers have been telling us that though they love our unified communications suite, they wish we had a robust contact center offering as well. And now we do! I’m excited to announce RingCentral Contact Center, a product formed out of our new partnership with inContact that will bring an all-inclusive contact center offering, integrated with the award-winning RingCentral Office solution, directly


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