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Text messaging is no longer just a personal preference—it turns out 80% of people use texting for business and 15% say over half of their text messages are sent or received for business purposes. RingCentral recently commissioned a survey by Instantly and the results are surprising: SMS texting is a preferred mode of communication for both personal and professional use. While more than half of the people surveyed (56%) use 2-3 messaging apps on a regular basis, 72% admit they prefer SMS texting. All of the back and forth on preferred business communication tools puts businesses at risk of overloading their employees. In fact 42%

engaged employees
Having a highly engaged workforce means having employees who are passionate, invested, and all-around happy at work. But what does that mean for your business? It’s not like you can assign a number to happiness, right? Turns out you can — in a sense. We know that employee engagement levels are tied to many drivers of company success, which in turn affects your bottom line. Let’s look at three of the most important ones. 1) Absenteeism Gallup found that the work units with the highest levels of employee engagement outperformed those with the lowest levels in several different areas, including absenteeism. Highly engaged units had nearly 40%

product lifecycle
As seasoned engineers and executives know, developing a technology product doesn't begin and end with the product team. Creating a website, app, hardware, or software product involves an intensive effort on the part of multiple departments within an organization, with the project manager or team at the helm. Even with years of experience, executives leading the creation, updates, scale, or management of a technology product can endure dozens of scenarios that can delay the effort, and, in some cases, significantly increase costs. Below are a few personal lessons learned on the front-lines: 1. Put discovery as the focus first. It can be easy to assume that a project will

Here at RingCentral, your online security is important to us. We want to help you understand how to identify and avoid fraud and malicious activity. Often times, bad actors will try to impersonate well-known and trusted services such as RingCentral to spread malware, defraud, or steal personal information. This practice is called phishing. In these all-too-common scenarios, users sometimes inadvertently click on a malicious link or an attached file. This often leads to downstream effects that aren't obvious at the time, including the presence of keystroke logging malware on your computer. Your computer may become part of botnets, and you may fall victim to the collection, and often later


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