For any organization managing a communications infrastructure, cost is naturally an important consideration. On-premise PBX systems require hardware, carrier service, contractors, and more for each office. Add in new domestic or international offices, and the costs and complexity increase exponentially. That’s why it’s so important your IT department look at both the short- and long-term financial implications of any communications system you’re considering. How can you contain costs while still positioning your business for future growth? Jim Payne, Product Marketing Manager at RingCentral, will compare the cost benefits of cloud versus on-premise communications systems. In this webinar, we’ll examine the top five financial benefits of cloud

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Mobile payments give customers payment flexibility and simplify your point-of-sale process. However, they also deliver plenty of tangible benefits that extend beyond the checkout experience. Here’s a look at how mobile payments can help you increase customers. Give customers confidence in a quick checkout. Humans really don’t like to wait — whether for an airplane, an elevator or to pay for an item. Though as one New York Times article states, there are some factors that make waiting particularly torturous, including lack of distraction during the wait, and no sense for how long a wait will last.  The authors write that uncertainty magnifies the stress

Based in Jersey, 365 Tickets sells tickets for a range of attractions, activities, and events all over the world. The retailer has relationships with industry-leading suppliers including Disney® and Merlin Entertainment, which it uses to offer competitively priced attraction tickets to customers through its network of localised websites. To quickly set up new team members in 365 Tickets’ 15 global locations, provide cost-effective international calls and the tools to manage its own business communication solution, 365 Tickets required a system that was more advanced than the traditional legacy PBX it had.

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Since RingCentral launched Connect Platform in early 2015, we have seen tremendous growth in usage and adoption of our open APIs.  Customers and partners eagerly joined our developer program to build a wide array of custom communication tools, dashboards, dispatch services, and business workflows. Some of our customers, however, have no access to developers.  As a product manager, it was pretty frustrating to see these customers who want to take advantage of RingCentral’s open platform but do not have the resources to do so. That all changed today. I’m happy to announce our new integration with Zapier is now in public beta.  Zapier is


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