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Today, we have some exciting news, extending our RingCentral Meetings capabilities beyond smartphones, tablets, and desktops and now adding the support of conference rooms with the introduction of RingCentral Rooms and RingCentral Room Connector. If you aren’t already familiar with RingCentral Meetings, it’s our popular and powerful conferencing solution that comes with every tier of our flagship offering. Every RingCentral Office end-user is empowered with their own audio conferencing bridge and web meeting capabilities by using RingCentral Meetings. It makes it easy to collaborate with colleagues, project teams, clients and partners from any location through high definition face-to-face online meetings. It allows you

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There is no worse frustration than being stifled by legacy technology, cumbersome and slow updates, and expensive maintenance. To make matters even worse, you want to take advantage of the latest capabilities in the cloud, but breaking out of your existing enterprise agreement is next to impossible, without a penalty price to pay. Many businesses end up settling for less and staying handcuffed to their legacy systems along with the continued capital expense, difficult administrative duties, and lack of easy scalability.  Do these drawbacks sound familiar? Well, we’re doing something about it to help out the thousands of businesses that are ready to say, “Enough is enough.” Together

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Good customer service is no longer just about providing a helpful solution; it’s now also a matter of speed. Response times are now a bigger factor than ever before even when it comes to choosing a new provider. In our age of information where it’s so easy to find new solutions in a few clicks, people are starting to think twice if they don’t get attended to quickly. Of course, from your point of view, you take customer needs to heart and have pride in your service. It’s just those unscrupulous, money-grabbing companies out there that should be concerned about losing customers,

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I’m not exactly what you’d call a risk taker. However, I once stepped out of my comfort zone and took flying lessons. I was nervous at the start. But my anxiety was quickly allayed by my flight instructor, whose experience and steady-handed guidance kept me safely aloft through the takeoffs, landings, and occasional turbulence. And when it came time for me to fly solo for the first time, memories of my instructor’s words helped me overcome my anxiety. I look back on the flight lessons and solo flight as some of my most memorable experiences. By overcoming my trepidation and taking flight, I not only


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