Cloud business communications solutions certainly offer many advantages over traditional, on-premise systems. These include greater flexibility, reduced complexity, and economical pay-per-use pricing to name just a few. But some companies still have concerns about the cloud when it comes to security, reliability, control, and support. So how can you know whether the cloud will take your company to new heights—or make it all come crashing back down to earth? Join Mark Winther from IDC and Curtis Peterson, RingCentral SVP of Operations, for an informative webinar, Enterprise Cloud Communications: The Path to Secure, Reliable, and High Quality of Service. The pair will discuss the real-world

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Like many businesses today, your company may already be using the cloud to handle its phone service and other communication duties. But what about critical business functions such as email, customer relationship management (CRM), collaboration, and more? Unfortunately, apps like Google for Work, Office 365, Salesforce, and others likely remain in their own silos, offering little to no integration with your cloud communications system. But imagine if you could get your communication and business apps working better together. Think of the productivity gains if employees could access voice and video capabilities right from within the business tools they’re already using every day. See why

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Every day, clients are calling your office looking for wellness and emergency care for their pets. These calls establish important first impressions. How your front desk staff responds to these queries is largely dependent on the information and resources they have at hand. Searching through files and digital records is time-consuming, causes delays and leaves other clients waiting on hold. A new integration from Sikka Software for RingCentral, Inc. facilitates improved telephone interactions. With Call Optimizer, when a client calls a panel appears automatically on your computer with the details

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In many ways, communication is what drives a business — communication with customers, vendors, partners, employees, and so on. The medium and the devices that carry that communication are no less important.   In the digital age, the options for communication are endless, from email to video conferencing, online chat, and social media. But at some point, it always circles back to the old-fashioned phone call. That’s why your voice-over-IP (VoIP) software is one of the most critical pieces of IT infrastructure. If it’s not functioning at its highest level, your core business processes will suffer.


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