Today we are excited to announce RingCentral’s integration with Microsoft Office 365. Our flagship product RingCentral Office now seamlessly blends business communications into the leading cloud productivity work environment. Why is this important? Here at RingCentral, we’ve set out to redefine business communications by eliminating the expense and complications of legacy on-premise systems. RingCentral has become a leading cloud-based communications solution, relied on by more than 300,000 businesses. By integrating RingCentral with Office 365, our customers who use Office 365 now have a powerful best-of-breed solution for business communications and their productivity suite. Customers will enjoy a complete enterprise-grade PBX solution that offers cloud-based business calling,

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Collaboration takes on many different forms in a corporate environment. Whether it is brainstorming ideas for a new campaign or simultaneously working on a webinar deck, people must be able to work together efficiently. Today, however, it can be a challenge to achieve this. With employees in different locations, time zones, and offices, there needs to be a way for everyone to come together. Many times people use email, chat, or similar outlets to combine their ideas. These channels may work for some tasks, but they are not the most effective or fastest way to conduct business. As collaboration is the glue that

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Successful corporate environments require that employees collaborate productively. People rarely accomplish large projects and tasks alone, and instead, each person belongs to a team where he or she is a crucial part in achieving a goal. In the workplace, there are several different ways to exchange ideas, but not all of the existing outlets are efficient. The way people collaborate within the office continues to gradually evolve, and technology needs to change with it. Many of the tools currently available, such as email, IM, and document sharing, are missing crucial pieces that promote quality teamwork. This gap, however, can be avoided with a new generation of

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Does More Tech Equal Better Team Collaboration? A panel discussion on five key questions about collaboration tools. In this increasingly distributed work world, close collaboration among employees can't be taken for granted. But what does it take to keep your employees engaged, connected, and motivated? In this interactive webinar, our panelists discuss the foundations of effective team dynamics, what work-stream conversation and collaboration means today, and how collaboration tools can impact employee productivity. Effective team collaboration is a key differentiator of successful companies. And because technology, teams, and the corporate environment are constantly shifting, the ways people work need to change with


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