This week we are expanding RingCentral’s platform for developers with new APIs, plus the version 1.0 release of SDKs for PHP and C#. Since we announced the open beta release of the RingCentral Connect™ Platform in February, we have been happy to see a surge in interest from independent software vendors, as well as customers like Construction Monitor and 24HR Lockouts, who have built their own custom applications using the RingCentral application programming interface (API). RingCentral offers its own integrations with prominent cloud platforms, including a recent update for and the introduction of one for

Collaboration is core to the mission of the Canadian Network for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (CAN-MNCH), which coordinates the efforts of non-governmental organizations, academics and health workers in promoting the health of women and children around the world. When CAN-MNCH needed to improve collaboration within its own organization, it turned to Glip. “In the past, we used email, Dropbox, Google Docs, different cloud servers, video conferencing tools like Skype, teleconferences -- and we've managed to amalgamate all of that using Glip,” says Executive Director Helen Scott. (By the way, if you like her story, you can vote until Oct. 2 as

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It’s hardly any secret that the growth of data isn’t going to head in the other direction anytime soon. Instead, we’re only going to see more and more of it. In fact, the trend is actually that we’re going to see even more data being produced on a regular basis. That is, the growth of information is increasing at an exponential rate. As such, it would make sense for your company to take steps to prepare for this kind of future. If you’re not already using data virtualization software, now would be the time to make that investment. Not only will it make a big difference, but

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For the past century, the desk phone has been a staple of every business and the vital communication lifeline connecting employees and customers. Despite the popularity of the mobile phone, 83% of employees still have a desk phone. With the advancement of the increasingly mobile and tech savvy workforce, the mix of devices and platforms employees rely on is changing and diversifying rapidly. In May of 2015, RingCentral commissioned a survey to delve deeper into the trends and insights of knowledge workers. The goal of the survey was to understand the prevalence of the desk phone today and how today’s workers best communicate. Among the


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