Hot on the heels of our announcement of RingCentral Connect Platform yesterday, I’m excited to announce that RingCentral is sponsoring the LAUNCH Hackathon starting Friday, Feb. 27th, at Fort Mason.  In addition to LAUNCH’s $100K grand prize, RingCentral will be giving away its own awards for the top 3 teams that build the best hack on top of our new Connect Platform. Hack on RingCentral, Win the DJI Inspire 1 Drone For those of you that’s not familiar: LAUNCH is THE hot startup conference of the Bay Area.  Founded by serial entrepreneur and investor Jason Calacanis,

“Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.” - Bill Gates. The pattens which helped you successfully deliver infrastructure services may work up to a point, but then you outgrow them or they outgrow you. If you want to stay relevant, change is inevitable. Agility is key to being able to ramp up or ramp down quickly, and is a true measure of good planning.   We often only imagine what it would take to double or triple the capacity of our systems but we rarely consider how to cut them in half without losing resilience.  In a world of uncertainty, IT

Wouldn't it be great if businesses could take full advantage of communications in the cloud and transform their business applications to better connect with customers? At RingCentral, our vision is to provide best-in-class cloud communication solutions that serve today’s modern enterprise, including distributed and mobile workforces. This vision extends beyond connecting people and the devices they use. It also means connecting the applications and tools organizations rely on to run their businesses and serve their customers. Today I’m excited to announce the new RingCentral Connect™ Platform. We’re working with developers, partners and customers to do what no one else has been


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