It seems impossible, right? An eBook is essentially a book that is completely electronic. How is it possible to write a whole book in one day? There are many methods that business owners can utilize to gather content for a beautifully crafted eBook. Remember in last week’s post we talked about the importance of giving something away for free in order to build a list of names and E-mails of potential clients. Giving away a free eBook is the perfect way to do this. Now we are going to talk about

utility apps
It can be hard for marketers to step back from their focus on pushing marketing messages for a moment and think about delivering true utility to their customers. But with an increasingly cluttered online world the brands that are coming out ahead are the ones who are delivering what customers need, rather than what their marketing teams want to say. There has been an explosion of branded apps in recent years as we move to on-the-go devices like smart phones and tablets. Consequently, companies have been trying to bridge that gap between the customer and their products wherever, whenever, 24/7. The result has been a plethora of apps

Vigor Systems creates content distribution and ad insertion platforms for television channels. Vigor Systems has 25 employees and a market appearance of 3.3 million television ad spots per month. With customers such as CBS and Warner Bros., the company continually strives to create innovative technology. Founded in 2002, Vigor Systems’ headquarters are in La Jolla, Calif.  Vigor Systems previously used Grasshopper as its main phone system. Grasshopper did not provide any physical desk lines, forcing employees to use the app on their personal cell phones. This proved to be an issue because not all employees had smartphones, creating a communication barrier. As Vigor Systems began to grow, IT Manager Ian Loyo


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