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Your customers are your greatest marketing asset. Who is better to recommend your brand than the people who have already purchased from you? If you want to turn your existing customers into active spokespeople for your brand, take a look at these tips… and unleash the potential of your advocates. 1. Contests, Giveaways and Competitions One sure-fire way of getting the attention of your customers is to run a competition or contest. Brands have been doing this for years, of course, but these days there’s an added social element. Car manufacturer Audi is leading the way when it comes to capturing the imagination of its fans. The Audi

RingCentral's security enhancements are gaining recognition in the enterprise IT marketplace. Today, Skyhigh Networks' CloudTrust Program awarded RingCentral Office with its highest security score of "Enterprise-Ready". RingCentral Office joins a number of well-known cloud business services in receiving the certification: Box, Marketo, Salesforce and DocuSign have all been named Enterprise-Ready by Skyhigh. Skyhigh - headquartered, like RingCentral, in Silicon Valley - collaborated with the Cloud Security Alliance to develop its evaluation methodology. The company looks at five key categories to assess security readiness: Data attributes User and device attributes Service attributes Business attributes Legal attributes We are excited to have won Enterprise-Ready classification, as data

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It's widely acknowledged that managing cash flow is one of the main obstacles for business operations. Keeping a tight rein on income vs. expenditures is not always easy, especially when significant outlay for new infrastructure is required. Many strive to ensure their business maintains full control of operational costs from month to month and eliminate any costly surprises. One way to achieve this is to rent equipment rather than buying it outright. If you are wondering if renting telephones may be a favourable option for your business, here are three main benefits to consider: 1. No upfront payment Low pre-determined monthly costs enable more effective monthly budgeting without the


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