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In our recent eSeminar on BrightTalk with Polycom's VP of Global & Cloud Service and Coldwell Banker, RingCentral Director of Product Management, Vi Chau, spoke of the benefits of transitioning company phone systems to the cloud. A member from the Coldwell Banker team joined as an example of a successful client using RingCentral's services. Valid arguments were made by all three companies on why on-premise PBX systems are esoteric. In case you missed it, here are

The Dreamforce 2014 conference, put on by Salesforce, is coming up next month and we are excited to attend. This year's Dreamforce Keynote speakers come from a range of fields from politics to music. Each has been a successful industry leader in his or her field. We present to you the top five quotes from Keynote speakers of #DF14. 1) "In almost every profession—whether it's law or journalism, finance or medicine or academia or running a small business—people rely on confidential communications to do their

Coursera provides the world with free online courses by partnering with top universities and educational institutions all over the world. Founded by Stanford University professors, Coursera has created a unique, interactive online education platform that encourages students to engage via forums, discussions and even in-person meetings. Coursera offers over 400 different online courses ranging from humanities to engineering. Founded in 2011, Coursera’s headquarter office is in Mountain View, CA, where they have just over 100 employees at this time (you can meet their unique team here). Coursera began using


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