RingCentral is always looking for ways to stay innovative and updated. Some of you may have noticed that the ringtone on your phone is now different when you make a call. (To hear this new tone, please click here). We've recently incorporated a change where a tone is played when a call is in the process of being connected. For some customers, the new tone has caused displeasure.  In response, we’ve added a few seconds of silence before the tone is played so it will not be heard on calls that are connected instantly.  We have also softened the sound of

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Technology has helped the collaborative economy to grow and market research companies to leverage the information available. With the creation of social media, the internet of things and big data, analysis tools and analysts now play a big role in market research and business development. This has created new positions within research companies and the need for managers with analytic experience to lead them. Transparency is Key With knowledge comes responsibility. Everyone involved in the collaborative economy demands transparency in order to participate the following criteria must be

You’re in the office peacefully trying to work, but that unanswered, ringing phone is stopping you. Do you calmly shut the noise out? Grind your teeth and try and relax? Or, do you march over to the ringing phone and pick it up, annoyed at the interruption? Perhaps, this is the office telecommunications ‘issue’ that bothers you the most, or maybe it’s a call getting transferred to you, and then getting lost in the system that irks you more. YouGov, on behalf of RingCentral recently surveyed over 1,000 British companies to find out what telecommunications issues they found to be very annoying. Based on the results, here are the


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