A dramatic shift in the way we work is rendering one's physical presence at meetings very tricky to manage. More than ever, businesses are operating across multiple locations with an agile workforce, while simultaneously seeking to drive down the cost and environmental impact of travel. Yet meeting virtually raises the possibility that some vital aspect of human interaction is left wanting. After all, no matter how good the technology, audio conference calls cannot provide the same level of personal engagement as a face-to-face meeting. And without visual interaction, managing group conversations on a telephone can be cumbersome. Traditional video conferencing partly alleviates these concerns, but it introduces its own complications:

Working from home is becoming ever more popular. Whether you have a startup, are an entrepreneur or are simply doing freelance work, a home office can be the perfect place to get the job done. Yet there are also pitfalls to watch out for. Today’s Friday Five shares five important tips to which every person working from home should pay close attention. And don't miss this blog post from RingCentral's former vice president of product marketing - who became a true WFH aficionado after her son was born. 1) Watch Your Eating Habits In a structured office environment, there are specific times of day set aside for

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Your customers are your greatest marketing asset. Who is better to recommend your brand than the people who have already purchased from you? If you want to turn your existing customers into active spokespeople for your brand, take a look at these tips… and unleash the potential of your advocates. 1. Contests, Giveaways and Competitions One sure-fire way of getting the attention of your customers is to run a competition or contest. Brands have been doing this for years, of course, but these days there’s an added social element. Car manufacturer Audi is leading the way when it comes to capturing the imagination of its fans. The Audi


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