If you are a RingCentral Office customer, you have no-extra-charge access to RingCentral's auto-receptionist. As its name suggests, the auto-receptionist (a.k.a. auto attendant) handles all of your incoming calls. It can route calls depending on time of day, called number, caller ID and more. But how does the auto-receptionist work, and how can you configure it to suit your needs? Let's walk through each section of the auto-receptionist to illustrate what it can do. First things first - navigate to the auto-receptionist by logging in to your account as an admin, then clicking Settings > Phone System. Auto-Receptionist is the second section in the pane on the left side of the screen.

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Like so many of my colleagues and friends, I practice BYOD (bring your own device). Do you? If you carry your own mobile device to work (whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, Mac or PC; you get the idea), then we have something in common - you, me and millions of other Americans in the workplace. So what's the big deal about BYOD? Research shows that 50 percent of people believe desk phones will be replaced by mobile devices in three to five years – that is, completely replaced by the year 2017. Plus, did you know 50 percent of employees use their mobile phones while sitting at their desk (right

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A motivated workforce is more productive, happier and better for a company's bottom line. But it can be difficult to effectively motivate an entire office. This is especially true when the workload is large and the holidays are looming. Today’s Friday Five provides five simple ways to motivate any employee to become more productive and happier! 1) Create and Maintain a Positive Work Environment Build a work environment that will give life to productivity. We all know people have different learning styles. Some people are visual learners, while others must do things in order to retain information. This concept can also be applied to how different people


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