We are proud to announce that our CEO and founder, Vlad Shmunis, has been named a semifinalist in EY's Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the Northern California region. The award program recognizes entrepreneurs who demonstrate excellence and extraordinary success. Vlad was selected as one of a handful of semifinalists by a panel of independent judges. In Vlad’s words, the award “acknowledges the entire RingCentral team’s hard work in transforming business communication in the modern workplace. To be considered for this distinguished honor is a testament to RingCentral’s innovation, success and leadership in the space.” Northern

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Your business idea is ready for primetime. You've identified your market; you've forecasted your expenses and revenues; and you've gathered enough financial and community support for your plan to carry you to profitability. Now it is time to take action. This is one of the most exciting times in an entrepreneur’s life, but it is also important to sweat the details. Small mistakes or oversights at the launch of your business can become major problems down the road. As you acquire clients, generate revenue and hire people, you won’t have time to go back and redo things that weren't set up correctly at the outset. That’s why

Perhaps you use an IP phone for most of your business calls. But if you find yourself working away from a desk for extended periods of time - or if your "office" is actually the road - you will probably want your RingCentral calls to forward to a mobile device. With RingCentral Professional and Office, you have two "forwarding" options: actual forwarding, where RingCentral's servers simply hand an incoming call off to a non-RingCentral number, and VoIP call handling via the RingCentral app. Using the app will help you save personal mobile minutes, and making calls over VoIP lets you use the RingCentral call management shortcuts (## to place a call on


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