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The new world of work presents many challenges for companies.  Collaboration, productivity and customer responsiveness can be compromised when workers are dispersed across different offices, on the road, at home or working flexi-hours.  There is a strong business case for flexible cloud solutions that bring together employees under a single aegis, but many organisations are not familiar with the latest jargon, vendors, solutions or pricing structures.  This presents a massive opportunity for value added resellers who can provide valuable pre-sales consulting, number porting, tailored implementations and integration services. So

One of the most important aspects of any online business is to gain a loyal online following of fans and customers. Companies that bend over backwards to help, support, and provide information to their customers will continuously generate positive feedback for their brand. Gaining an online following has to start somewhere. This is accomplished, first, by collecting the names and emails of potentially interested customers. This is why we created our online eBook. If the person is interested in the topic of your eBook, then there is a good chance they are interested in your product

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Is there a science behind captivating the attention of the public in a world filled with unlimited content and online videos? Ben Parr thinks so. Parr is a world-renown entrepreneur and journalist. He is the Co-founder of DominateFund—venture capital fund, and a columnist for CNET, Mashable, Forbes, and multiple other publications. Recently, Parr gave a fascinating talk at the SF PR Summit discussing the history of public relations and what it takes to capture readers' attention nowadays. In fact, he even wrote a book about it called


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