Vigor Systems creates content distribution and ad insertion platforms for television channels. Vigor Systems has 25 employees and a market appearance of 3.3 million television ad spots per month. With customers such as CBS and Warner Bros., the company continually strives to create innovative technology. Founded in 2002, Vigor Systems’ headquarters are in La Jolla, Calif.  Vigor Systems previously used Grasshopper as its main phone system. Grasshopper did not provide any physical desk lines, forcing employees to use the app on their personal cell phones. This proved to be an issue because not all employees had smartphones, creating a communication barrier. As Vigor Systems began to grow, IT Manager Ian Loyo

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When you interact with coworkers, does your style help your career or hinder it?  To be successful in business, one must be likeable as well as competent. Mistakes are sure to hold you back in your career. With this in mind, here are five of the worst mistakes you can make when interacting with colleagues and managers: Gossiping.  Talking about coworkers behind their backs may be the national corporate pastime, but doing so prevents others from trusting you – both the people you’re gossiping to and the people you’re gossiping about.  Without trust, you’ll have a tough time moving into anyone’s inner circle, getting a sensitive

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RingCentral earned the Strategy Innovation Award at the San Francisco Chief Strategy Officer Summit recently for having the most Disruptive Strategy. RingCentral was recognized for pioneering the strategic initiative “Mobile First”. The Strategy Innovation Awards recognizes companies for their success in pioneering strategy initiatives that have had a positive impact within the strategy community. As part of the judging process, RingCentral submitted a list of core motivators that inspire the company strategy: RingCentral’s leadership knew the iPhone device would radically change how business users behave, communicate, and collaborate. RingCentral believed the


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