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One of the most exciting features in RingCentral Office 6.3 - the latest and greatest release of Office - is Multi-Level IVR, or multi-level auto-attendant, which allows users to create powerful, sophisticated call-flow configurations with more menu options. This feature has been one of our most requested, and with it, Office becomes more useful than ever for larger businesses. How does the Multi-Level IVR feature work? First, it's currently available only on Office Premium and Enterprise editions - so the following won't apply if you're on a Standard or legacy plan. Second, most

The San Francisco PR Summit was filled with motivating and inspiring speakers (see our 5 main takeaways here) from the Bay Area’s best public relations representatives and online content creators. Jill Rowley, one of the keynote speakers, talked extensively about the importance of maintaining an active online presence in order to help build connections. Jill Rowley describes herself as a #SocialSelling evangelist and a social media addict. She explained that she had over 11,000 LinkedIn connections and close to 

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The Littleton Group assists its clients nationwide by providing them with customized insurance claims administration and litigation management programs. Founded in 1979, The Littleton Group has 125 employees dispersed amongst 24 locations throughout Texas and New Mexico. The employees at all of The Littleton Group's locations are using several of RingCentral’s features on a daily basis. One of the most useful feature for them has been the ability to record phone calls to obtain statements needed for insurance claims. “With our previous service, we had all of the adjusters lines recorded, which meant every call because that was the


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