Where RingCentral is based in Silicon Valley, Teslas seem about as common as Toyotas. Perhaps it's because Tesla Motors is local to Palo Alto, Calif., and the cars themselves are assembled just across the bay in Fremont, Calif. Or, you know, it could have something to do with the conspicuous wealth around here. In any case, there are plenty of Tesla sedans plying the Bay Area's roads. But there aren't any quite like this heavily modified one - introduced to the public this month at the Geneva Auto Show in Switzerland. What's unique about it - beyond a color scheme which Road & Track described as "psychedelic" - isn't necessarily that it's

Jackson Hewitt Tax Services assists millions of people in preparing local, state and federal tax returns every year.  Since 2012, Jim Springfield has been the franchise owner and CEO of 82 Jackson Hewitt locations in Texas, Tennessee and Oklahoma.  Springfield’s franchise consists of 450 employees dispersed among 42 storefronts and 40 locations inside Walmart and Sears stores. Jackson Hewitt Tax Services outlets operate according to seasonal demand and are only open between January and April, a schedule that presents unique IT challenges for the franchise. “Setting up our phone systems at our branch locations was tricky—our stores are seasonal and remain vacant thereafter,” Springfield says.  “Trying

We recently exchanged emails with Craig Borowski, an analyst at business software review site SoftwareAdvice.com. Craig has worked for TIME magazine, The China Post, Acer Inc. and the Office of the Mayor of Taipei, Taiwan. He is the author of twelve books and is an expert on internet telephony. We asked him three questions about optimizing voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) call quality - read on to see what he said! 1. What kinds of call-quality problems can happen on VoIP? There's actually a whole range of call-quality problems that can surface with VoIP calls. But it's also important to note that pretty much all of them are becoming less and less common. When problems do strike, they usually fall into


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