At RingCentral, we are devoted to keeping our mobile technology up-to-date with the latest breakthrough technologies and features. In line with that goal, yesterday we announce our latest 6.3 release for RingCentral Office customers. Along with this release we also made some important enhancements to our mobile apps for iOS and Android! These four brand new mobile upgrades will make your life a whole lot easier. Here are some new and exciting features that our

6.3 release
We have some very exciting news -- today is our 6.3 launch! We have added new features to our phone systems to enhance our product and help you elevate your business. With great features such as: multi-level IVR, mobile enhancements and more, our customers will benefit from the quality, productivity and flexibility in business communications. It is ideal for companies that need economic, efficient, professional call handling! What is multi-level IVR (multi-level auto-attendant)? It is an alternative option to extend the current auto-receptionist options with more powerful and flexible automated voice system. Callers are provided with more options to self-select how they can reach a

It seems impossible, right? An eBook is essentially a book that is completely electronic. How is it possible to write a whole book in one day? There are many methods that business owners can utilize to gather content for a beautifully crafted eBook. Remember in last week’s post we talked about the importance of giving something away for free in order to build a list of names and E-mails of potential clients. Giving away a free eBook is the perfect way to do this. Now we are going to talk about


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