Every idea can be presented in such a way that it "sticks". But how does one go about making ideas sticky - i.e., memorable to the people whom you are pitching? The book Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die, by Dan and Chip Heath, investigates what makes some ideas more effective than others by scrutinizing why ideas become "stickable" in the first place. Successful stories, advertising campaigns and ideas that stick generally share recognizable characteristics that can be summed up in the SUCCESs mnemonic. Simple – find the core of any idea Strip down your idea to its bare essentials and meaning. This doesn’t necessarily mean dumbing down your idea, but trimming

Tumblr is blogging with a difference. Its format encourages short, snappy, informal posts, which are categorized by photos, text, links, audio, video, quotes and chat. It sits somewhere between Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and more traditional blogging with posts that are easily-shared and go viral quickly. Tumblr hosts almost 100 million blogs with 42 billion posts, so it is well worth getting involved in the community. More and more brands, as well as small businesses, recognize the power of Tumblr in both reach and simplicity of use. The ten tips below will help you re-think the way you share information. 1. Keep it

Research recently commissioned by The British Chambers of Commerce and BT Business revealed that 60 percent of UK small- and medium-sized enterprises are already using cloud-based applications. What is driving the use of cloud technology in the enterprise? Remote working: According to the research 47 percent of businesses have one or more members of staff working away from the office at least once a week, while 28 percent have at least one member of staff working remotely every day. Flexible working: 86 percent of the businesses surveyed have one or more employees working from home on a regular basis, and 43 percent interviewed believed that cloud-based applications are a critical enabler


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