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Feeling motivated, inspired and determined isn’t something that just happens for everyone each morning. Some days you might need a boost to jumpstart your day. For those not-so-inspiring days, we recommend the following quotes to get your juices flowing. 1) “Action conquers fear” — Peter Nivio Zarlenga While it would be ideal to feel 100 percent confident about every task and project you take on, that’s not always the case. If you’re facing a difficult day, one which has you feeling a bit insecure or unsure, Zarlenga’s quote is one to remember. As you begin taking on your challenges, your fear should dissipate and what once seemed

Exciting news for RingCentral Office customers - RingCentral's Meetings video conferencing feature is now a part of every Office plan. Previously, Meetings was only included in the top-tier "Enterprise" edition of Office. As of today, it is included in the Standard and Premium editions, too.* What's driving the change? We introduced Meetings in the first place because we see a huge upswing in video use in the enterprise (in terms of both production and consumption). Did you know, for example, that the world's third-most-popular web search portal is YouTube? While cat videos may make up the bulk of what's on YouTube, there's little doubt that the site is playing an ever-larger role

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Imagine this: you're waiting for an important customer to contact you. Not much more than a decade ago, you'd have to wait by your desk for the call or fax to come in. (And, in the process, wave goodbye to your social life or time spent with family.) The proliferation of mobile phones around the turn of the century alleviated this problem somewhat. But even then, being reachable meant giving out your personal cell phone number for business use. Not ideal. RingCentral came on to the scene to change all that. We got started with online fax, which promised to bring faxing into the internet age. Today, RingCentral online fax lingers on (it


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