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Resnick & Louis, founded in 2012 by Mitchell J. Resnick and Lena M. Louis, is a law firm specializing in insurance defense, construction defect, commercial litigation, general liability, surety, life and disability litigation, labor and employment law, health care defense, bodily injury defense, worker’s compensation, hospitality and retail, business and corporate law. The firm is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, and has multiple locations in Albuquerque, Bakersfield, Denver, Las Vegas, Irvine, Phoenix, Riverside, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, and San Diego. Resnick & Louis began with just a handful of employees. The founders made the decision to start their own law firm and were not

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We recently conducted a research study with YouGov to understand more about how UK organisations meet to do business. The research timed in with our UK launch of RingCentral HD Video Meetings, and we were curious to know the trends surrounding face to face, audio and video meetings. What we found was quite interesting! While businesses enjoyed meeting face to face, 66% said that travel time was an inhibitor and 50% said that in-person meetings were a cost disadvantage.  According to 32% of respondents, a lot of time is lost on small-talk or over-run meetings. Audio conferencing is very

Let’s face it: business can be tough, especially when you’re selling to other businesses. So having a bit of fun, and letting your personality shine through, should be an important part of what you do. Pinterest is a great way of doing exactly that. Essentially, it’s a pin-boarding site where members share their favorite images and photos, grouped around themes. It’s also second, only to Facebook, for driving referral traffic to websites. It’s a powerful social media tool and there’s no reason why B2B brands can’t grab


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