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This is a guest post, courtesy of RingCentral technical writer Charlene Chang.  I'm in love - with video meetings. It wasn't love at first sight. But we got to know each other and now I can't for the next time we meet. Let me explain. You see, I work from home. So my work day starts with me rolling out of bed just in time to take my first call, grabbing a handful of Cheerios on the way. No one's the wiser, I can still work with aplomb, and everyone hangs up with new To Do lists. Obviously. Now imagine the panic when my manager brings up this idea: Let's video conference our

When your users bring their own smartphones to work, security takes a hit. They mix work and personal calls, email, calendars, and documents. That’s bad enough when they are at work, but if they leave the company, your company data goes with the phone. Because your company data is on the phone. But with the RingCentral mobile app, your company info is always in the cloud. Because it’s streamed to the phone rather than stored there. When you start the RingCentral mobile app, it connects to the RingCentral servers and gives you access to your communications, including your contact list, your call log, your

twitter holidays
It’s December, which means that brands are snowed under – metaphorically and maybe literally – trying to keep up with the holiday rush. But it's important to present an image of festive cheer – and you need to be there to help your customers who have presents to buy, family to accommodate, meals to plan, and not enough time to do it all! According to Mashable, 65 percent of shoppers turn to social media to find the perfect gift, so be there to welcome them with a glass of eggnog and a plate of Pinterest-inspired reindeer cookies. If you haven’t yet turned your


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