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Imagine this: you're waiting for an important customer to contact you. Not much more than a decade ago, you'd have to wait by your desk for the call or fax to come in. (And, in the process, wave goodbye to your social life or time spent with family.) The proliferation of mobile phones around the turn of the century alleviated this problem somewhat. But even then, being reachable meant giving out your personal cell phone number for business use. Not ideal. RingCentral came on to the scene to change all that. We got started with online fax, which promised to bring faxing into the internet age. Today, RingCentral online fax lingers on (it

Do you want your customers to fall in love with your product (or service)? Of course you do - the happiest customers are the most loyal customers (as well as those most likely to evangelize your company to others). So how do you make your customers fall in love with you and your business? Simple: keep them happy. Customers will fall in love with a business that makes them feel good. Here are five tips to help make customer delight a reality: 1) Build a sense of trust and confidence. Customers need to trust you, your product, and service and have confidence that you will deliver every time. 2) Consistently make

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The importance of effective business communication can’t be overlooked if business organizations are to maintain productive relationships with their clients and provide them with competitive service standards. Moreover, effective business communication isn’t restricted to communication with an organization’s client base. It also extends to employees and business peers and is just as important in many ways. Here are eight ways in which you can take your business communication – both external and internal – to the next level. 1) Keep your clients informed. You’re surely familiar with the tale of mushrooms being kept in the dark and what they’re fed, which


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