Earlier this month, I shared 5 social media goals that can boost your business in the coming year. But after you set these goals, how do you know you’re on track to meeting them? Setting goals is only the first step in a successful social business plan. You’ll also have to measure throughout the year. Not to worry! Here are  five steps to ensure your social goals are met. 1) Know Your Baseline The new year offers a perfect opportunity to start fresh. I’m not suggesting you close down all your social platforms and start over. Rather, take account of where each of channel stands at the end

When employees are going away on business trips and holidays, there's usually time to put cover in place and inform customers. But when sickness strikes, continuing to run a business smoothly can prove more challenging. Whether absence is planned or unexpected, the ability to adapt and respond to calls can make all the difference when it comes to customer service. In reality, it's not always so easy; unless someone else is ready and able to man the phone or the number is manually diverted, chances are the customer will have no other option than to leave a voicemail and wait. However, that assumes the old rules of a

RingCentral president David Berman has worked in tech for many years - he came to us several months ago from respected cloud communications firm WebEx - so he has a firm command of the trends afoot in the industry. Here are David's top eight tech predictions for the year to come (in no particular order): Remote and mobile workers will become the new norm, not the exception. As we have discussed on this blog, remote work can accrue huge business benefits. Look for more companies to institute remote-work policies and procedures in 2014. Employees will be empowered to take control of communications, lifting the IT burden and improving the end-user experience. Another trend we've covered in recent months is Bring


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