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Last week Microsoft finally released its Office for iPad app. This is great news for companies and entrepreneurs who rely on iPads for business use. If you’re an iPad user and a fan of Office on the desktop, here are five great features now available to you: 1) Word, PowerPoint and Excel Lack of compatibility was one of the most frustrating issues when working with Microsoft Office documents on an iPad. Now, compatibility is seamless. When you open a Word, PowerPoint or Excel document using the Office app on your iPad, you’ll see exactly what

RingCentral customer Tenthwave is a full-service digital agency whose services include social marketing, digital strategy, web design, SEO and sweepstakes management. Headquartered in New York City, Tenthwave also has offices in Chicago, Detroit, San Francisco, Washington, D.C. and on Long Island. Founded in 2010, the firm has more than 100 employees. Why did Tenthwave adopt RingCentral Office? It comes down to simplicity. Tenthwave used to have three different phone systems in its offices—a Nortel hardwire PBX, a self-managed Asterisk server and Vonage. Meanwhile, the company’s remote employees worked from their personal cell phones. As Tenthwave grew and more staff members were added to the system, competition for resources

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Back in November, you may have read about the survey conducted by Dimensional Research on behalf of RingCentral - it found that today’s mobile-savvy knowledge workers (especially Millennials) are cutting the “corporate cord” and ushering in a new era of communications. This move toward mobility is fundamentally changing not just the technology we use in the workplace, but how, when and where work is getting done today. As RingCentral's head of product management, it’s my job to stay on top of technology trends. As I look toward the next five or so years, I see an environment where new mobile devices and business tools will


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