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We are honored to announce that RingCentral has received the Global Excellence Award for Outstanding Product/Service! We were recognized for an innovative mobile-centric approach to cloud-based business communications technology that is disrupting the global business communication solutions market. The Global Business Excellence Awards are independent awards programs not affiliated with any magazine or newspaper. They are marketed and administered by Awards Intelligence, the UK's largest provider of business awards and personal honors support services, news and information

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Setting up and hosting a video conference with RingCentral is easy and convenient. And with our recent 6.3 launch, hosting and scheduling a video meeting is simpler than ever. You can utilize all kinds of features such as screen sharing, mark-up and drawing tools, integrated chat and multi-point HD video conferencing. You can even hold meetings with up to 50 participants on RingCentral Office Enterprise edition; for smaller meetings, you can choose our Premium edition with 25 people per meeting, or Standard edition with 4 people per meeting (see our

finance sector
The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), formerly the Financial Services Authority (FSA), is responsible for regulation and conduct in UK retail, wholesale and financial markets with an objective of reducing financial crime.  The CP07/9 report, first issued in 2009, proposed that FSA-authorised companies should record relevant telephone conversations so that they can be referenced as evidence in the event of an investigation.  Additionally, it was expected that the recording of calls would lead to an increase in best practice, compliance, customer satisfaction and market confidence. A number of consultations have taken place since the original report including a


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