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In a perfect world, customers would always ring back if they didn't get through the first time. They would call only at times that suited you. And they would wait patiently for you to respond before seeking out your competitors. The harsh reality is, unanswered calls may very well be costing you business. Many small firms would testify that constantly manning the phones is not always easy (or indeed possible). Meetings, jobs on location, events, breaks, family matters - there are all manner of occasions where the phone will ring off when it's not convenient. Then there’s a question of the right person answering the call. Customers want to

Halfway through 2013, we published a list of the features our product and engineering teams had added to RingCentral Office. We kept up a torrid pace of innovation in the latter six months of the year - here's what Office has gained since June! Mobile App Enhancements Our iOS and Android apps have been undergoing nearly constant revisions. In the past few months, the RingCentral mobile app has gained intercom and call park support (on VoIP calls), an improved dialing experience with contact and favorites shortcut keys, better group search options and integration with Box.com. Plus, you can now "broadcast" text messages from within the app (i.e., send the same message

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It's the last day of 2013 - a time to reflect on the past 365 days and think about what's coming up in the new year. In that spirit of reflection, we'd like to share our 10 favorite RingCentral Connect blog posts from 2013. Look out for some exciting product announcements and much more great blog content in the year to come! 10. RingCentral Conferencing: Top 3 Reasons to Use Conferencing Conferencing was a must-have for many of you - it was a top request prior to its introduction early this year. We're thrilled to offer unlimited conference calling on all US and UK Office plans. 9. Cheat Sheet: The New


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