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We all know by now that social media and online marketing are crucial to taking an online business idea from mess to success. But how do you know what audience to cater to, or even how to find them? There is a very simple solution to this age-old problem that many business owners do not even know about. Contrary to popular belief, selling right away does not lead to a thriving business. Most business owners think that once they have a product to sell, they should

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Today, small companies are under intense pressure to grow their business fast, deliver exceptional customer service and to beat their larger competitors. Adopting a cloud-based phone service can help fast-growing small companies meet their goals and succeed in a tough market. Here’s how 5 small companies grew their business using RingCentral: Tip 1: Properly manage calls to meet customer service expectations MountainSun who specialises in ski-to-door chalet hotel accommodation has staff dispersed over several locations. They didn’t want to invest in a traditional PBX phone system as it couldn’t transfer calls to their staff. A friend recommended an internet based system and explained that

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In a world ruled by smart devices, how is consumerism in IT really impacting employees? According to a recent study by RingCentral, 40% of workers are constantly connected to work by at least two devices. But does this mean employees are more productive? The answer might surprise you... Outstandingly, 17% of employees in the United States work 6 hours or more on the weekends! This is according to a survey conducted in January of this year. The survey was taken from more than 448 businesses of all sizes. This large sample size seems to suggest that many employees are continuously blurring the lines between work life and personal life. With a cloud system, however, personal and work communications stay separate. This is


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