Proximity obviously factors greatly in consumer decisions - but there's also a sense of community that strongly influences where people choose to spend their money. For this reason, businesses that use local telephone numbers signal that they exist to serve the community and welcome local trade. Operating from a single local phone number is not always possible for many businesses, however. There may be a range of departments - or even virtual workers - in various locations. This is where cloud phone systems have a particular advantage: A single local number can be used, no matter the location of the call recipient(s). Because cloud phone calls are

If, like me, you are looking forward to 2014 and thinking about what you are going to do differently, you are probably writing a whole lot of lists right now. But it’s worth just stopping a moment to look at some of the ways you can change the way you work and live - and be more productive. 1) Delegate and outsource. 2014 is the year when you are going to focus on what you are really, really good at. As individuals and as companies, we are all guilty of trying to take on too much and wasting effort on things that just don’t come naturally. An expert

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It's simple logic: if a business' sales team is not as productive as it could be, the business is missing out on customers. There may be all sorts of reasons for subpar productivity - but you might not expect one of them to be the salesperson's most essential of tools: the telephone. How can traditional office phone systems restrict sales productivity? When a caller rings an engaged sales line, s/he will either need to ring back, be placed on hold or leave a voicemail. All serve as barriers to converting sales leads. Similarly, if a person rings a sales agent who happens to be on holiday or


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