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New data just revealed from Facebook and Twitter shows that the 2014 World Cup final was a high-point in both social media giants’ history. On Facebook, 88 million people left more than 280 million posts (the previous record was during Superbowl XLVII when there were 245 million interactions), while on Twitter a record 618,725 tweets were sent in a single minute as Germany won the game. With this many users glued to their (multiple) screens, it’s no wonder that brands were doing their utmost to engage soccer fans. Some brands scored… others were relegated to the bench for

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Writing about the best movie scenes involving phones is paradise for a film geek: phones are second only to people as cinema’s greatest and most common subjects. That makes the following five scenes as far-flung and varied as film itself. Here are five great movie scenes involving phones—for everyone from the art-house snobs to the popcorn-munching cineplexers. 1. The Silence of the Lambs. Hannibal calls Clarice on a payphone. (Spoiler warning) 1991’s sleeper hit and surprise Best Picture Oscar winner, Jonathan Demme’s The Silence of the Lambs, is a

At RingCentral, we strive to deliver the best products possible to our customers. That is why we are honored to be recognized by TMC— a global, integrated media company which helps clients build communities in print, in person and online. Our product, RingCentral Office, was the winner of the TMC 2014 Unified Communications Product of the Year. We appreciate the opportunity to be distinguished as a leader in the field of unified communications. “I am excited to proclaim RingCentral as a 2014 recipient of TMC’s Unified Communications Product


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