With the wealth of resources that the internet provides nowadays, anyone can start an online business and be profitable. The key is to find resources that are cost efficient and reliable. Many articles will tell you that a great way to start an online business is by outsourcing different tasks. This is a great way to account for your weaknesses and grow your business, especially in the early styages. For example, if you are an excellent engineer, but a terrible editor, you can hire someone to edit your website content for you. Similarly, if you have a great idea, but have no idea how to code or create a website, you

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Many B2B companies find themselves at a distinct disadvantage compared to their B2C colleagues when it comes to marketing their brand online. Whitepapers and complex technical brochures just don’t share well on social media, so how are you going to get your message out there to potential customers, or engage better with your existing ones? This is where video can help you. From short, quirky Vines to longer explanatory films, the use of video in your marketing campaigns can show the visual side to your brand like nothing else. We’re going to look at five different ways B2B brands are harnessing the power of video to help tell their

On Wednesday, August 6th, CNBC featured Dan Niles, founding partner of AlphaOne. Niles explained why he is investing in RingCentral stock (RNG). He says that he tries to find companies that will "disrupt the market with emerging new technologies" adding that RingCentral "fits the bill." According to Niles, the phone industry is a $75 billion industry globally. He states that there are not that many markets left that size that one can disrupt. He believes RingCentral has that ability. Niles even says that his company, AlphaOne, is switching


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