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The phone rings for all sorts of reasons. But just imagine if you could always tell when incoming calls represent a sales lead. With a traditional phone system, you will be able to tell if a call leads to a sale but not necessarily know what captured that customer’s attention in the first place. You will not be able to easily monitor the full impact of your marketing - even though marketing campaigns ought to have measurable return on investment (ROI) so as to prevent wasted cost and effort. A cloud-based phone system, however, can entirely remove the guesswork from your marketing efforts. Cloud telephony enables

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In today’s fast-paced world, it can become difficult to incorporate a meaningful social media presence for your business. This, in part, is why mobile social media tools have grown in popularity amongst businesses of all sizes. In 2014 you’ll need to consider how mobile can impact your social efforts. If you aren't yet using mobile, it’s time to start! Here are five simple ways to get going: 1) Mobile Blogging Blog posts don’t need to be long, nor should they be. Rather, shorter pieces of content that can be consumed quickly tend to perform the best. Microblogging has become a very popular approach for this reason - and it is now easy to blog

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In a perfect world, customers would always ring back if they didn't get through the first time. They would call only at times that suited you. And they would wait patiently for you to respond before seeking out your competitors. The harsh reality is, unanswered calls may very well be costing you business. Many small firms would testify that constantly manning the phones is not always easy (or indeed possible). Meetings, jobs on location, events, breaks, family matters - there are all manner of occasions where the phone will ring off when it's not convenient. Then there’s a question of the right person answering the call. Customers want to


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