Integrated communications as a service (ICaaS) - just another internet-age buzzword? It’s certainly true that the corporate IT marketplace is saturated with nonsensical phraseology. And we don’t want to add to the confusion with one more self-serving term. But the RingCentral team has been working feverishly to transform RingCentral Office from “just” a business phone system into something more, well, integrated. We think ICaaS captures the RingCentral value proposition (there’s some corporate-speak for you) pretty well. Just in the last 18 months, RingCentral Office has added free, unlimited text messaging with Business SMS, unlimited

Satmetrix provides cloud-based customer experience management (CEM) software for companies worldwide. The company delivers the technology and expertise to mobilise loyal customers and retain at-risk customers before they churn. Satmetrix offers a variety of cloud-based CEM software to over 300 customers in 40+ languages based on Net Promoter®—a customer loyalty metric and discipline that uses customer feedback to fuel profitable growth. Satmetrix has their global headquarters based in the Silicon Valley, with their EMEA headquarters in London, as well as an additional office in India. With three global offices their employees are dispersed across multiple locations. Life for Satmetrix before RingCentral Before RingCentral, Satmetrix was using a hardware-heavy

holiday forwarding
Summer vacations are a time to relax and get away, but in some cases you still may be required to check in with work calls and email. And this year the 4th of July is on a Friday, which means that you may not want to disrupt your barbeque and firework show to answer work calls. Luckily, with RingCentral, it’s easy to customize your call forwarding options so that you can enjoy spending time with your friends and family when it matters most. Customize your settings by logging into your RingCentral


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