We're excited to introduce the newest feature in the RingCentral Office communications suite: RingCentral Meetings! Meetings is high-definition online video conferencing that includes screen- and file-sharing. And it works on desktop or mobile with apps for Mac OS, Windows, iOS and Android. Meetings is available now to new Office Enterprise customers in the US. Already have an Office Enterprise account? You will receive access to Meetings in our next platform update, which is rolling out now. (Check your platform status by logging in to your account and clicking the Tools tab - there will be a "Meetings App" option if you're up to date.) What can Meetings

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Enterprise information technology (IT) departments aren't sufficiently prepared for the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend, analyst firm Forrester reports in a recent whitepaper. The whitepaper - Benchmarking Mobile Engagement: Consumers And Employees Outpace CIOs' Readiness - point to the meteoric rise in personal mobile device use in the workplace. As recently as 2011, just 15 percent of corporate employees were working from multiple locations and using three or more devices. In 2012, that proportion nearly doubled (to 29 percent of the global workforce). Notably, people are commingling personal and work data on their devices. Popular file-sync app Dropbox is equally popular for work and a combination of work and personal use, for example. This hybrid use presents security

More businesses are moving their communications into the cloud. Do you know how to prepare your business for a cloud transition? Let’s take a look at the principal considerations when moving your business communications to a cloud provider. Voice quality is a top concern. The following play significant roles in delivering the best-quality service possible: Network Speed Routers Reliability Security Scalability But clear, reliable voice and data service aren't all that matter. Reliability and security are just as important. For example, in the event of a natural disaster, will your business communications be interrupted, or worse – incapacitated? By doing the appropriate research and price/feature comparisons, you can find the solution that best meets your needs. The


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