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This past Thursday, January 15, was Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday (it will be observed this coming Monday, the 20th). In remembrance of the great civil rights leader, we dedicate this week’s Friday Five to some of King's most memorable leadership quotes. 1) A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus. Leadership takes true dedication, vision and humility. It is easy to lead a group of people who already have the same views as you and agree with your every point. A true leader is one who can educate, inspire and work with people to create a consensus. Before you start

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RingCentral call routing lets you create an always-available presence to your business contacts. You can set your phone system answering rules to send incoming calls to specific phone numbers such as your office phone, home phone, or mobile phone. With RingCentral's advanced call routing capabilities, you can take important business calls anywhere you are. Receive calls at your office, at home, or on your mobile device while you are on your way to work. Once you've arrived, flip the call to your office phone to resume the conversation, or flip the call to an associate in Sales or Support. All done seamlessly, with no annoying call-backs. Check out these productivity boosters, great

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Young people today have grown up in a digital world where the internet has made almost everything - from searching for product information to making a purchase - virtually instantaneous. Equipped with a smartphone and an internet connection, shoppers can easily find and compare products, costs and delivery options from almost anywhere. Patience needn’t be a virtue when you can have anything you want, from any company you want, on next-day delivery. This is great for the consumer - who among us doesn't appreciate the convenience of Amazon and other e-commerce sites? Yet, as the experience of a friend of mine illustrates, the rapid pace of the internet age presents challenges for businesses.


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