RingCentral Office has gained many enhancements over the last year and a half - Business SMS, free unlimited audio conferencing, HD video conferencing, intercom, call park and much more. These features come on top of the "invisible" improvements our engineers have made to audio quality, fax reliability and the functionality of the service website. Now, Office is getting even better with new mobile-friendly features. We already had the best mobile app in the integrated-communications-as-a-service (ICaaS) game (if we say so ourselves), and this month the app  has received some big improvements in speed and overall performance. Audio quality on VoIP calls has been improved*, and admin users of both the iOS and Android

FB mobile
Facebook has been busy over the past few months. Having recently acquired Whatsapp and fitness and activity tracking app, Moves, the company shows no sign of slowing down. Facebook offers businesses of all shapes and sizes many opportunities to connect with current and potential customers, build brand awareness and boost affinity. Today’s Friday Five shares five of the most recent and noteworthy Facebook updates. Be certain your business continues to pay attention to and leverage Facebook. 1) New Facebook for iPhone (Version 9.0) Mobile is quickly becoming instrumental in social media marketing. And Facebook is acutely aware of the need to

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No matter how established a business is, achieving continued growth must always be front-of-mind. Managing customer relationships, sales cycles, and revenue through a CRM platform like makes perfect sense - yet the importance of integrating your CRM with your business communications system isn’t always so obvious. An integrated CRM-communications system can help you learn how your sales staff work. It can enable you to better support them during the sales process. And it will ensure that you keep your customers happy for the long term. Why should you consider integrating your CRM with your business communications? 1) Manage your resource planning. Do


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