Let’s face it: not every meeting is super productive. And it’s no fun to sit through a lot of chatter and feel that you’re not getting things done. But it doesn’t have to be that way! With a few quick tips and tricks, your business can drastically streamline meetings and make them much more dynamic. Here are seven simple strategies I use at RingCentral that any company can adapt to power up productivity. Try them out with RingCentral Meetings - now available to all US Office Enterprise customers. Determine if you really need a meeting. The number one question that you need to ask before scheduling a meeting is, do we really

Last week we summarized a Forrester report on the rise of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs in the corporate world. While BYOD does offer benefits to the enterprise - and is being pushed to the fore by employees seeking greater device options - actually implementing a BYOD policy presents some challenges. That's the conclusion offered by Forrester in a separate report (which, like the one we covered last week, is available as a free download from our resources page). The increase in personal device use is so rapid, the analyst firm says, that many companies would do well to outsource some device management functions. Forrester's recommendation comes against the backdrop of shifting priorities in

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RingCentral Office makes all types of business communications - calls, text messages, faxes and now video meetings - simple and seamless. Yet at heart, Office is a phone system. Let's follow an incoming call from start to finish to explain how the RingCentral system handles calls. First, a call to your company number (i.e., your main business number) will hit your Auto-Receptionist. The Auto-Receptionist serves the exact purpose its name implies: it greets callers, providing information about your business (you can record a customized greeting) and prompting them to enter an extension or a group (a.k.a. department) number. (You don't have to configure extensions or call groups - you can set calls


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