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The bring-your-own-device (BYOD) phenomenon has earned a lot of attention in recent years. Used to describe the explosion of personal devices entering the workplace (particularly among mobile workers), the acronym is loaded with both great promise (more productivity, employee satisfaction, mobility) and peril (security threats, expensive maintenance, IT management headaches) for the enterprise. Gone are the days when an enterprise could issue a single corporate-approved work device and expect employees to get onboard. Today, employees want to use their own devices at work (whether in the office or on the road) and have the flexibility to use them for an ever-growing list of business

Dynasplint designs, manufactures and sells dynamic human and veterinary splints. Physical therapist George Richman Hepburn founded Dynasplint in 1981. For humans, the company of 215 employees produces a variety of splints for sports, orthopedic, neurological, ankle and foot, jaw, carpal tunnel, pediatric and external fixation aid. Dynasplint also produces veterinary splints for animals of all sizes, ranging from dogs to horses. All Dynasplint products are made in the United States, and the firm's headquarters are located in Maryland. Before switching to RingCentral, Dynasplint used a Microsoft OCS PBX system. Although multiple issues had previously arisen with this system, the main problem was that it required frequent engineering support. It also had substantial maintenance costs. "Strategically,

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Believe it or not – you can stay on a tight budget and launch a successful startup. Certain tools you’ll have to pony up for, like that Adobe Creative Suite subscription. But new entrepreneurs should take advantage of all the affordable—and often free—tech tools out there. Check out these seven to start. 1) Dropbox Why you need it: To store everything and access it all from anywhere. What it is: Dropbox is a cloud storage service that allows you to access all your documents, photos, videos and more from any device. Edit and upload anything


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