The New World of Work - a concept we explore frequently on RingCentral Connect - has massively disrupted our work habits. Many of the changes that have taken place are positive: the emergence of smartphones, for example, has empowered people to be productive regardless of location, while attitudinal shifts on productivity and autonomy have limited the extent to which corporate workers are chained to their desks. Yet not all of the New World of Work's disruptions are welcome. To wit, there may be a push-back afoot on the physical environment of work: the office. The New Yorker recently published an eye-opening review of research related to open-office environments and productivity.

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Social media can do a lot to boost your company's bottom line - but most organizations struggle to balance their online presence. There’s always something more that can be done, a new platform to explore and changes to figure out. Today’s Friday Five should help you get a better handle on managing your social business presence and free up some of your valuable time! 1) Find a scheduling tool that works for you Social media runs 24/7, and micromanaging your social presence is both impractical and impossible. The solution is pretty simple: Find and utilize a social media management tool. There are

You may have spent your fair share of time in video conferences. But conferencing technology continues to improve, and with it your ability to work in a productive, enjoyable and efficient fashion. The cloud has already ignited the working-from-home trend - and now, having HD video conferencing built in to your cloud phone system makes it easier to work from wherever your heart desires. RingCentral Meetings - available now to Office Enterprise customers in the US - offers a comprehensive HD video conference service you don’t have to get from an additional provider. Look sharp in your meetings with these five tips. Lights, camera, log in I am fond of working in the classic smoking jacket and slippers from my home office.


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