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It's widely acknowledged that managing cash flow is one of the main obstacles for business operations. Keeping a tight rein on income vs. expenditures is not always easy, especially when significant outlay for new infrastructure is required. Many strive to ensure their business maintains full control of operational costs from month to month and eliminate any costly surprises. One way to achieve this is to rent equipment rather than buying it outright. If you are wondering if renting telephones may be a favourable option for your business, here are three main benefits to consider: 1. No upfront payment Low pre-determined monthly costs enable more effective monthly budgeting without the

On February 19, LinkedIn announced the opening of its prestigious LinkedIn Influencer publishing platform to all members. Since then, there’s been a lot of chatter about how businesses can benefit from participation. LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network. This popular platform has traditionally been difficult to capitalize on, however. Today’s Friday Five will uncover 5 key ways the LinkedIn Influencer platform can benefit you! 1) It Will Soon Open to All Members  Before you can begin to leverage this new feature, you must first have access. If you haven’t yet received your notification, not to worry! LinkedIn will be opening the publishing platform to all

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When you hear about “the cloud,” you probably associate the phrase with attributes like “high tech,” “feature rich,” “mobile,” etc. What you might not realize is that “the cloud” can save you a lot of money. Businesses that provide cloud-based services manage all the software and hardware required to deliver those services in centralized locations, allowing them to operate much more efficiently and cost-effectively. Fortunately for us, they usually pass on much of these savings to their customers. These three services will not only save you time, but they’ll also save you money! 1) Cloud based fax services (save approx. $20+/ month compared to traditional fax) Cloud fax


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