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As in all things online and popular, VoIP needs to deal with security issues that compromise aligned businesses and VoIP users. An assault on security is a common reality of our modern digital lives. You need to know what's happening, and how to best defend yourself and your VoIP networks. VoIP Theft of Service One of the most rampant VoIP security issues is theft of service. It could be at a basic level where login credentials are stolen and sold on the black market. Or, it could be something as big as the International Revenue Sharing Fraud (IRSF), which defrauds national carriers

Summer has finally ended, and with it, the Summer of the Ice Bucket Challenge draws wetly to a close. When the Ice Bucket Challenge splashed across our news feeds in mid-August this year, no one knew that it would turn out to be the most successful social media charity drive ever. But as the seasons slide toward winter, the cool appeal of the Ice Bucket Challenge becomes a little less enticing and real analysis becomes possible. In case you haven’t been paying attention, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is a viral social

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The 1990's was one of the best decades for kid-friendly and hilarious Halloween movies. Some major stars like Sarah Jessica Parker and the Olsen twins starred in these films. Add in catchy Halloween tunes and enduring story lines and it is clear why these movies are so well received. These movies soon became classics and some even gained cult followings. In honor of Halloween, we give you a list of our favorite Halloween movies from the 90's that the whole family can enjoy: 1) Hocus Pocus Mega-stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Bette Midler fright and delight


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