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B2B companies are adopting cloud communications at a soaring rate. In fact, the number of users in North America using cloud communications systems for business more than doubled between 2010 and 2012. That number is expected to double once again by 2018. If this exponential growth isn't enough to get your business to switch to a cloud-based business model, we have plenty of statistics to show why it is the best option. Read below to see why companies are making the switch. Top Reasons Companies Adopt Communications in the Cloud Cloud communications is a growing enterprise tool. By 2020, North American companies will have over

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Are you a social butterfly or more of a lone ranger? When it comes to spending hard earned cash, the chances are you’ll seek the advice of the herd before taking the plunge. Humans are hard-wired to seek approval and reassurance from their peers and those they admire. This is especially true when we’re unable to decide on a particular course of action. Customer advocacy, expert advice or social proof, taps into that. That’s a huge reason to pepper your campaign with evidence that people love what you’re selling, and watch your marketing reach a whole new level. 1) Get an endorsement from the girl-next-door.

At RingCentral, we value education for adults and children alike. That is why we are pleased to announce that we have empowered the non-profit education organization, Tri-Valley Learning Corporation (TVLC), through an E-Rate certified solution. TVLC will now be able to to streamline communication among its five California locations, letting the organization scale up efficiently as it continues to grow. Founded in 2005, Tri-Valley Learning Corporation (TVLC) provides public education options for children in the San Francisco Bay Area’s Tri-Valley region and in other regions of California. The RingCentral solution is Priority 1 E-Rate certified as


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