On Wednesday, August 6th, CNBC featured Dan Niles, founding partner of AlphaOne. Niles explained why he is investing in RingCentral stock (RNG). He says that he tries to find companies that will "disrupt the market with emerging new technologies" adding that RingCentral "fits the bill." According to Niles, the phone industry is a $75 billion industry globally. He states that there are not that many markets left that size that one can disrupt. He believes RingCentral has that ability. Niles even says that his company, AlphaOne, is switching

social care
Social media marketing and social customer care have merged. “Always on” customers are turning to each other for answers to product and service questions, and businesses can benefit from this. In a conversation that I had with a cable and satellite customer service agent, he stated that a single percentage point reduction in call volume was worth seven million “bottom line” dollars. That drives an interest in call deflection, and generally means moving support interactions away from a dedicated, yet expensive support team. As a result the social customer service implementations at leading communications, tech and financial service providers increasingly include peer and social agent channels. In a

global excellence
We are honored to announce that RingCentral has received the Global Excellence Award for Outstanding Product/Service! We were recognized for an innovative mobile-centric approach to cloud-based business communications technology that is disrupting the global business communication solutions market. The Global Business Excellence Awards are independent awards programs not affiliated with any magazine or newspaper. They are marketed and administered by Awards Intelligence, the UK's largest provider of business awards and personal honors support services, news and information


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