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2013 was a year when the phrase ‘social media marketing’ became simply ‘marketing’. You can’t have a marketing strategy any more that isn’t social – not just the practice of sharing TV ads online, but where calls to action and engagement are central to their success. So what’s next for social marketing? Let’s take a look forward into 2014 and see where this year’s momentum is taking us. 1. Hyper Interactivity and Real-Time Marketing (RTM) If last year’s Oscars, Super Bowl or the season finale of Breaking Bad have taught us anything, it’s that events have become hyper connected online and offline. Hashtags have become a central plank

We're constantly enhancing RingCentral Office to better meet the needs of business users. Our latest software release - the rollout of which should now be complete - includes two features that could be very useful in certain office environments. The first of these is Shared Lines. What does this feature do? Simply put, Shared Lines enables a direct number (a.k.a. a DigitalLine) to be shared among different desk phones. (Right now, only Polycom desk phones are supported - the softphone and the mobile apps will not work with Shared Lines. That said, we'd like to expand line sharing to other devices in the future.) The phones sharing a line comprise what's known as a Shared

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Bowman Trailer Leasing has been providing trailers and containers for land, sea and on-site storage since 1972. With locations across 14 states, the company has become the leading trailer rental company on the East Coast. It has more than 175 employees and caters to Fortune 500 companies such as Wal-Mart Stores, Pepsi and Coca-Cola. Bowman Trailer Leasing is headquartered in Maryland, with 32 locations throughout the East Coast. A majority of its employees work remotely, but it was at headquarters that problems started to arise with the company’s old Avaya PBX system. What were those problems? More than 30 employees were attempting to share 16 voicemail boxes. No one had direct


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