Over the past several years, the RingCentral team has worked hard to provide useful articles for business owners and RingCentral customers looking to boost their business. Today’s Friday Five shares our top five blog posts from the past six months. Never seen these posts before? be sure to click through to read them! 1) The Top 10 Rules of Business Email Etiquette Email etiquette is imperative in every business. What you write, when you send and how you reply can be the difference between a thriving business and one that simply falls flat. In this article we share 10 of the most important rules of etiquette when it comes to email

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Did you know? A large majority (85 percent) of employees at small and midsize businesses in the UK have separate numbers for landlines and mobile phones.  This model suits some - but not all - people, UK business owners and IT decision makers tell us. Fifty-eight percent of SME employees like to have calls forwarded to a mobile when not at their desk. But that leaves 42 percent who prefer their calls to remain separated. These findings paint a picture of widely divergent phone-use preferences - yet dissatisfaction need not be the inevitable result. There is a solution that meets everyone's requirements. This solution is cloud telephony. A cloud phone system can be configured with a single number

RingCentral customer Lakeview Professional Services Inc. provides human resource management, accounting, consulting and safety services for residential construction companies. Based in Corona, Calif., family-owned Lakeview has 130 office staffers in six different locations and hundreds of remote construction employees spread across California, Nevada and Arizona.  Prior to using RingCentral, Lakeview used a Nortel PBX system that dated back to the 1990s. This system became difficult to maintain, requiring an external technician for all servicing. Understandably, this became expensive and inconvenient. The voicemail system Lakeview had in place also presented a challenge: It relied on a hard drive which had to be replaced over time. And MCK units needed to be used to convert


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