We know quite a few of our customers use Google Voice to manage their personal calls. It's a very good "lite" version of RingCentral with some basic forwarding and call handling options. We're also aware that those of you who have the RingCentral and Google Voice apps installed on your Android smartphone have experienced problems - specifically, that Google Voice would not work properly. While uninstalling the RingCentral app does solve the issue, we wanted to devise a way to let both apps operate in concert with each other. That's why, in the Android version of our app, it's now possible to make a quick and easy fix. The root cause of the problem is

The RingCentral app for iOS and Android recently received a refresh as part of our major Office overhaul. Here are the app's most valuable new features! Better in-call options When you're in a call, the app now presents you with real-time call handling options. You can "flip" the call to another number, transfer the call to a different extension on your account, park the call so another user can pick it up, or switch recording on - all with just a single button press. The addition of this one-touch functionality actually makes call handling easier on the app than with a desk phone. You can perform all of these functions on an IP phone, but you'll

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Consider this: 82 percent of UK SMEs rate telecomms as a medium or high priority investment - yet 61 percent know little or nothing about hosted voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) solutions. This discovery was made from a survey* we commissioned in order to get a deeper understanding of the perceptions around cloud telephony in the UK. Despite the recent explosion in cloud computing, awareness of cloud phone solutions is significantly lacking. Many businesses, it appears, have yet to realise that cloud telephony offers significant benefits. Just how substantial are these benefits? Look at the opinions of those who are familiar with hosted VoIP. Four out of every five people


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