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For entrepreneurs trying to bootstrap their way to success, the decision of where to establish an office can be challenging. Renting an office can be expensive and often requires a minimum one-year lease. On the other hand, clients and employees might question your legitimacy, if you are working out of your living room. Here are some things you should consider when making the decision between a home office and an office lease. Home Situation If you are considering setting up shop in your home, you must have a room or separate “backhouse” you can dedicate as office space. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can use your living room

telephone songs
Pop music lyricism, at its core, is about communication. A chanteuse might be telling her man she loves him; a starlet has a new fling with whom she must be in constant contact; a crooner whines that he and his girl broke up because something wasn't getting through to her. You boil it all down, and these songs are about the way we try—and sometimes fail—to communicate with each other. More often than not, a phone facilitates that reaching out. It’s interesting, though, because many songs directly about telephones tend to be aggressive accusations or pleas. “You never call! I’m waiting right here! Did you forget about me?” What,

outdated phone
As consumers, we are just not anchored to one spot and as such the landline is no longer as important as it used to be. We talk on the move, share documents, and even close deals without an office in sight. In fact, doing business in just one place is increasingly uncommon. Businesses have become mobile, with staff spread over different geographic regions, on trains and across continents, the landline phone is effectively dead as we know it. Day-to-day meetings invariably include sharing contact details such as: email address, phone number, and, a little less frequently,


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